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Reiki healing for protection from negative entity

By admin | In Success Stories | on March 18, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your so many good, loving emails and comments, reading them makes our life blessed. We are really pleased to share your emails with our fellow Reiki Masters and Reiki Healers since they boost up growing their self confidence. It also help their new experiments and new learning in Reiki healing, since everyday, every new experience help us learn and share more.

Since last Monday, I am getting a call at about midnight from an Indian female, who calls me and tell me as if she is under attack of some negative entity. She is trying to escape from him, but that entity is very much abusive and trying to use her body for its physical needs. She called me first night at about 2Am, when I was fast sleep, so was unable to understand a thing, but can only understand that she asked me to call her back. I called her, and I was able to hear her conversation with that she was trying to fight with it. She asked me to help her fight and I can understand the urgency of the time, so without wasting anytime, I started doing Reiki Healing to her through phone.

I was that time connected to her through my phone line, so made Cho Ku Rei on her and than made Udreka Reiki symbol on her. Udreka was used to burn that negative energy immediately into the Fire of hell, and Cho Ku rei for giving her slight positive energy. Than I drew Sei Hei Ki to balance her emotional condition and to give some emotional strength, which was needed at that time. I than drew Dai Koo Myo in Violet light, and gave her a huge shower of the violet light, so that the entity was away from her, and she was protected for next sometime. Than I also made Vasudha Reiki symbol on her, to keep her away from that, and finally I established Power Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei at her heart.

I than called her mobile no. next day, so that I can know the current situation, and if I could keep her in our Reiki grid for a permanent solution. But, it was switched off, so I was sort of helpless in that situation, so kept trying till that evening. Than again next day midnight, at the same time, I got her call again, asking me to heal and all as the earlier night, however, the situation was a bit better. After same procedure as above, we disconnected again, and waited for next day. Now, yesterday morning, I called again, and was able to talk to her, asking her to send her recent picture for Reiki Grid Healing. I asked her about her health and else, with which she replied that she was unable to eat anything last day, but was better that day.

We are going to keep her in our Reiki grid tomorrow and are sure to see some more positive results in sometime and she will be perfectly fine in a few days. I know that most of you are waiting anxiously for our articles here, but really, I was trying to give my best to that female, and keep her safe and protected from any negative entity.

We are thankful to you all for your blessings and positive energy towards us. We are also thankful for your emotional and financial support to us here.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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