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Reiki healing for Protection from negative boss

By admin | In Success Stories | on April 22, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your love and light filled emails, comments and suggestions and we really feel obliged to read them. We really feel happy and thankful to our Reiki teachers and fellow energies, when we read the content and that almost all who are practicing the methods of Reiki shared here, are also getting similar results. As you all know that our main reason for updating the articles and Reiki healing procedures is just for others to follow. We are however getting many good blessings, energy exchanges in lieu of our articles here, for which we feel overwhelmed.

Today, we are going to share one Reiki healing done for one of our student Reiki healer who was having a tough time at job, due to her negative and verbal abusive boss. She is into a IT job, and her boss seem to be very much verbal abusive and had something very much negative towards her. Everyday from the time, their day starts, he started shouting and abusing, criticizing her for her inability and lack of concentration in job. She as I myself and other of her fellow friends know about her, is one who loves her job and it is her passion. She does her job with her best and gives more than what could be given, since she love doing it and works almost 16 out of 24 hours for her job. When we heard this, it made us a bit stressed and confused, as there must be some sort of confusion or mis interpretation of her attitude by her boss, since she is really a nice person as of we know. 

  She talked to us and wanted to give her boss a good and positive Reiki healing for her boss, so that all of his negativity and blockage, which was blocking his positive thoughts should be burned. We asked her to send a photograph, name and birth details of her boss so that we can start sending him Reiki healing through our Reiki grid. We started giving him Reiki healing and from day one, he seem to be a bit calm, stopped shouting and abusing directly to her. She also got some good appraisals on her projects completion during this time, which were very difficult to achieve. After getting a feeling that all was getting okay and back to normal, we took her permission, and removed her boss from the Reiki grid. But after only two days of grid Reiki healing stopped, his behavior again started being negative and abusive towards her. It was like he started insulting her directly in front of her and got very much verbal abusive again. I was in Dubai during that time, so it was difficult for me to re establish him in our Reiki grid, but started giving him distance Reiki healing. It look like that it started helping her as her boss was cooling down again, but still it was insufficient as he was bursting out at any time. As you all know that we do Reiki healing using our Reiki grid for a 24X7 Reiki flow energy for the number of days we want. We shuffle it every 21 days, so Reiki Healing done thru Reiki grid can be programmed for 21 days and can again be programmed for another 21 days or more.

However, after my return from Dubai, I again started her boss’ Reiki healing and established him in our Reiki grid. Next day was her meeting with her boss’ boss and was supposed to be of great importance. She was super stressed and want us to do some extra strong Reiki for her, since all of her new projects were being taken away from her and her boss was trying to look and pin point her failures and mistakes. We know that what were doing was already working and should be enough for her, but as asked, we once again did a Psychic surgery for her boss, and visualized him as Santa Claus.

We got a message from her in the evening, which nearly rocked our hearts, as she herself was confused on what happened in her meeting. Her boss apologized for what happened earlier and the attitude, negligence towards her and want her to excuse them all. He was feeling too much guilty for what happened due to some confusion and some other issues, which I am sorry as I have to keep with me. Anyway, she is now asked to stay working with them, and is offered a better pay out than what was earlier paid, as for the compensation of harm done. 

She called us next morning, telling us all in detail and spreading her smiles, happiness and gratitude towards Reiki energy. We were feeling too happy, grateful towards all  of our fellow energies and our Reiki teachers. We are always thankful for Reiki energy, for showering us with so many positive and good energies, for which we are unable to express in just words.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Your friend Vineet Jain


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