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Reiki healing for pets

By admin | In Healings, Success Stories | on November 11, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your regular emails, suggestions and comments on our articles and are trying our best to reply you here. I am sorry for replying slow these days or writing less articles here, but its just because of a few reasons as I just returned from my overseas tour and also for the Deepawali festival here. I do read your all the emails, suggestion on facebook and also am checking my mailbox, but this shortage of time makes me slow. I apologize you all here and would request you all to please excuse me.

Today, I am writing this article on the Reiki healing of pets, and this was requested by one of our fellow Reiki energy from Ontario, Canada. She have a pet dog which was hit by some car on road, making her unable to walk, run like normal and her diet also had reduced. My friend cum our fellow energy wanted to know on how to give healing to her, so that her pet was able to take proper diet and start the routine life.

Till now, I have done several Reiki healing for pets, but I was confused this time, as this pet of hers was looking and sounding altogether different from the ones I experienced. I asked our fellow energy to send a few of the pictures of her pet all alone and also with her family. Since this Reiki was going to be slight different for me, I made my whole Reiki chamber silent and just played a slow music of ‘Aum’ chant for spreading positive vibrations all around. I than used my Dowser on the images I got from our fellow energy and checked one by one all of them. I was able to see with the images itself that the pet was looking sort of depressed and was missing the past life. The pet was like broken hearted and was shaken and under trauma from the mishap occurred.

After checking and doing the complete Aura analysis of the pet, I made a small summary on what was blocked and what has to be done to bring her back to normal. My conclusions were that the Pet had a blockage at Brow Chakra, Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus and base Chakra. Due to the blockage at Brow Chakra, the pet was unable to think of anything but just the past have been striking and coming back all the time to her. Throat Chakra blockage was making her miserable and she was unable to utter her frustration by barking etc., and we all must understand that this is the way they express their feelings.

Heart Chakra blockage show the fear is still in her Heart and she was unable to clear it and we have to take this feeling from her Heart too. Due to all of these blockages, her Solar Plexus was also blocked, so it was making the pet eat less, creating more weakness in other organs. The Base Chakra or the Root Chakra was also blocked, for the same reason that the pet was still under shock of the accident, and due to it, she was nervous and need some immediate healing.

I asked her to change her meals to a pure vegetarian diet plan and forced her to be go for a walk with kids with her. I also asked that the pet should be allowed to sleep close to her room and may be cuddle before going to sleep. I also advised that the pet should be given small Touch healing sessions on the blocked Chakras. I also took permission for keeping the pet in our Reiki grid, which was given on the spot, so we started that too. I then also asked her to do Reiki charging and cleansing for all the meals or milk or whatever she was given, so that she was fully covered with positive energy and her body also get the same.

In about 2 sessions of 21 days now, today I got the news that her pet was running and barking on strangers on the road like earlier, whoever tried to sneak in their home. The pet was also being very much loving and friendly to my friend and her family like earlier days. She was so excited to tell that she called me about three times today for telling me whatever changes she felt in her pet. Believe me, today, everything was going good and the pet was like just born today.

After hearing so much from her, we were forced to write about it and share with you all. We are thankful to you all, our fellow energies, fellow Reiki Masters, our Reiki teachers, Reiki energies and to every energy which is directly or indirectly related to us.

Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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