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Reiki Healing for pet using Reiki grid

By admin | In Healings, Success Stories | on April 2, 2013

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your so many love filled emails, full of suggestions and queries. We are sometimes overwhelmed with gratitude to our Reiki teachers and the greatest teacher Dr. Mikao Usui for spreading Reiki healing energy awareness. We are sometimes amazed for being chosen by Reiki energy for sharing and spreading what all we learned or are still learning. 

In today’s article, we are going to share the healing done for the pet last week, and we had already discussed about it, but today we are pleased to know the progress. Sniper, as we all know his name had some trouble in his back left feet, so was unable to stand on his all four feet, despite was was mostly just lying. After various attempts and medical check ups, the veterans and others were unable to diagnose any kind of blockage or health issue for his that behaviour. Ms Meenu (name changed), our fellow female Reiki Master was getting depressed, since he was considered and loved like any other family member only. She tried all of her efforts, contacts but looked like the blockage was somewhere else than all were focussing at. After her research on internet, she came to know about our center, and asked us for an appointment. We gave her a time after Holi festival, since we were having a busy schedule before that, and she also was trying medical treatments.

After meeting and discussing with her, we suggested her to give us a recent picture of Sniper, so that we can place it in our Reiki grid. We also tried to check the blockage from his picture, and found some blockage in his Heart Chakra, so since we got curious, asked her about the reason if she know any. She told us that since her son was the one, who was most of the time with him and he had already left for overseas for education. She told us that he will be returning this month, but it was sort of right that Sniper was missing her son. We asked her to place a photograph of her son, close to Sniper, so that he can see and feel the presence of his best friend. We also initiated Sniper in our Reiki grid as was needed. We gave him all the Reiki energy healing symbols, that we give to any other energy for burning blockage. We were really happy to get the positive updates everyday, and today was one of the days, we were waiting for. Ms. Meenu told us that today, Sniper used her weak feet to give support to his body, and stood on this three feet. As we all know that dogs use three feet in order to pee and they pull one leg aside. Today, he pull aside his strong leg, putting force on his leg, which was being given healing. This was seen after a long interval of days, since since long, he was passing urine or stool, while lying only. This was indeed a great news for us all Reiki Masters of our center, so we are sharing it with you all. We are happy to share this another Reiki healing done with success using our Reiki grid, and we would again ask you all too for using Reiki grid for your healings.

We are grateful to our Reiki teachers, for teaching this unique and powerful use of Reiki grid for burning blockages and perform good Reiki Healing. We are also thankful to our all the fellow Reiki Masters, Reiki energies, including you all here.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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