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Reiki healing for open pores of face

By admin | In Healings, Success Stories | on September 4, 2015

Fellow energies, I am thankful to you all for your continuous support, blessings, love and light to this blog of mine ReikiEnergyHealers.com It has been a great companionship with you all and I am grateful to you for maintaining it with love and grace. It would be very small to say anything, but I am alive, active and in action today, just because of this blog and all the fellow energies across the world.

I chatted on gmail with a fellow Reiki Master from Bengaluru, who told me that she had some open pores on her face since past some weeks. She told me that she is doing her whole body healing, but was unable to see much difference. I asked her to charge her both hands, using Reiki symbols and perform proper energy exchange for self-healing too, since it was missing. I wonder why do most of us Reiki practitioners ignore energy exchange for Reiki healing done for self. I think that our subconscious mind keep telling ourselves that we are a Reiki healer, so why do we need to follow energy exchange. I once again am asking you all to understand that Reiki healing energy is bi-polar energy, thus energy exchange is a must. I myself, whenever do my own Reiki healing or even for my wife, kids, I follow the principle of energy exchange strictly. Believe me, I am seeing that due to this and various other simple rules of Reiki, which I learned, the flow of Reiki energy thru me is constant. 

I know that at times, may of practitioners say that they are unable to feel the flow of Reiki energy thru their palms or crystal pencils, but once they start following the basic, they are happy. It has been difficult for me to elaborate and make everyone understand the importance to follow these rules, as different energy has a different perception of understanding, but once they understand, it is a all together new world to them. 

Anyway, My answer for the open pores is to use self palms for touch healing, after charging them with Reiki symbols, Psychic surgery, where in the replacement of blood and liver can be done. We can also replace old skin with a new, fresh and fair skin. We can also use body talking, where as ask our liver, blood vessels, heart to work and act better, in an active manner. We can also go in trans, and use Theta healing method, giving Reiki energy to our weak body cells, so that they become active again. If someone has the time, they can also use body talking to open pores and try to understand the need, so that their need / demand can be fulfilled. Sometimes, body talk helps miraculously, as small ignored points come very handy.

I was going thry a bad back ache, and my body told me that I had been avoiding rest, so I immediately took a break from my office for a few days, and now I am recovering plus resting.

Similarly, we never know, what our body want from us, as these simple demands of our body can be of great use to our own self.

Thanks to you all, for reading and I appreciate you all to be with me.

Reiki blessings, love, light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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