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Reiki healing for new job

By admin | In Success Stories | on March 29, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your faith and believe on this positive healing energy, known as Reiki, It is really good to see that now a days, almost every 2 out of 10 person have heard about Reiki Energy and that it cures without medicine. Now people also know that it can also help in Goal manifestations for any specific job, business or whatever we want in life can be achieved with the help of Reiki.

Today when we see our past, things, as well as our own attitude and faith towards Reiki energy has changed dramatically. When we completed our Reiki learning for level 1 and 2, it was different than what we think and talk today. Reiki seem to have transformed our lives and turned into a better, much more positive and a sort of spiritual image to us. Since past few weeks, one of our student Reiki Healer and a Reiki receiver have been asking to do something for their new job. They seem to be stressed and fed up of their current job situations and were looking for a much better working ambiance and change of location.

We than asked her to stay calm and silent, and than we placed her Reiki grid in our Goal manifestation Reiki grid and started doing Reiki healing for her. This Reiki healing was done as other Reiki Healings, but we just placed a small paper with the intention of a new and better job between her photograph and the crystal pyramid. After about a month of Reiki healing, she asked us day before yesterday that when can she expect a new job call, since she was in panic and was feeling irritated.

After checking her grid’s Aura, I asked her to relax, since the vibrations were telling me that she will be getting some news, with in a week’s time. Today noon, she called me up telling that she just got a call, for an interview from the company, and will have a few more, and she had a good talk with them. She was damn too excited for the news, and want to share it with us all, since it was less than a week’s time, so want us to give this good news. We thus shared this good news with our fellow Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters, and now sharing it with you all. I just want to ask you all who are getting their Reiki Healings done, please ask your Reiki Masters to establish your Reiki grid for a continuous and powerful Reiki healing. This will help you receive a better flow of Reiki energy and will also help your faster results and also accelerate Goal Manifestations and better success in Sati Milan Grid too. Reiki healings done through Reiki grid are much more powerful, effective, plus the success ratio is also higher than normal Reiki Healing methods. This is just for the reason that the connection of receiver and the Reiki grid is maintained continuously for the 21 days, until the grid is shuffled, and after that, again it is re established.

I am thankful to you all for your doubts, emails and suggestions, which are as always, helpful for us and our fellow energies.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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