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Reiki healing for new and some slow acceptor energies

By admin | In Reiki Experiments and us | on February 25, 2011

Reiki healing for new and some slow acceptor energies

Fellow Energies, as always, we are here again, sharing some of new Reiki healing ideas and what else we could find to remove the blockage in our fellow energies. As most of the Reiki Healers and Masters have gone through, there are many who are having very slow transfer of Reiki Energy or flow in them. We find it a bit difficult to let it flow from there energies, so the healing may take some long time or may have trouble to show.

We did a lot of hard work and tried many ways, so as to remove blockage and negativity from our some receivers, which were taking longer than usual to heal. It had been a bit sad and depressing for us to see that when same effort was made for some, they give great results, but for some, there was like we have missed something. This made all the Reiki Masters think once again over it and we once again called upon a small meeting with our fellow Reiki Masters and Reiki Healers. In this meet, we discussed about it and ask them all to be back after 2-3 days, with some solution and finding.

This time, our fellow Reiki Grand Master, Navneet Mathur came up with a new Reiki Healing idea, which made us think again and we accepted it to try. this idea was a really new and unique one, so we all want to give it a try and implement on our those receivers, which were getting delay in healings or had too much of blockage in their Chakras.

For this healing, we asked our receiver to lie down with closed eyes, think of white color and chant any prayer or spiritual song, they want to in low voice. We also tried to play the same in our audio system, so that they can hear it and say better. During this, we purified them and gave them our Reiki Healing from their crown Chakra. We initiated the flow of Reiki Energy from Crown to Base Chakra, passing from Brow Chakra, Throat chakra, Heart Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar plexus and finally reaching Base Chakra.

After this all, we locked, sealed and established the Reiki Energy in our receiver, so that there is a continuous healing. This flow may be made with the help of Reiki Fire Serpant symbol and finally locking with Cho Ku Rei or Udreka symbol. After this, we have to pay our gratitude to our Reiki Teachers, Gods, fellow energies and receivers as always. we should also thank our Reiki instruments and fellow Reiki Masters for helping us. We must always keep in mind to be grateful towards all the energies around us and with us for letting us do the healing and work on it.

Make the receiver conscious and ask him to check if they feel any improvement. This treatment should take about 10-20 minutes for the healing.

Thank you all for helping us write about this new Reiki experiment and share something new with you all here.

Love and Light to you and yours

Vineet Jain

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