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Reiki healing for memory loss and depression

By admin | In Healings, Success Stories | on January 16, 2013

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your love filled emails and for all the nice, light filled articles you are sending us. We are reading your every email, going through your queries, suggestions and articles, so after reading them only, we are able to share with others. we know that it is a time consuming job, but we love to read and reply or share, only after making it sure that it will help all of the fellow energies and readers.

Last night, we got an interesting email from our fellow Indian Reiki Master from a village with a very low communication and the road conditions are very bad, this is one of the reasons that they have very poor medical facilities. She told us that her father, who have to work very hard in his farms had a small accident on the way from market and had a hit on head, when he was on his tractor. After this incident, he reduced driving tractor, his self confidence also was sort of all gone and slowly slowly, he seem to be forgetting things. It was really very sad to see, and our fellow Reiki Master was married, settled in a city when she heard about it, went to her village to see her father. Her children were in school, so she had to delay her visit, but now during winter vacations, she was free to go and meet her loving father.

After looking at him on bed was definitely giving her a shock, as her father had lost a lot of weight, and everyone in home like her mother, brothers and sisters were also looking too weak and pale. After talking to them all, at night, she started thinking on what she could do for her family, so that all are fine and her father too was back into shape. She finally in the morning, started spraying rock salt and water solution on every place, in every corner. She also directed her mother and sisters to use rock salt in meals everyday and spray the solution, every week. She then started giving Reiki healing to all the members of her family, one by one, using all the Reiki symbols, she could remember. She also did a Psychic Attack removal from her home, visualizing seven main points of her home as seven Chakras.

Now, after healing every member in her family, she gave a small drawing of Vasudha, Apta and Shamin Reiki symbol to everyone and asked them to keep with them. She told them to see it everyday about twice a day and carry in their wallets or pockets, so that it is carried every time. Now, after this, she also drew Cho Ku Rei and Sei Hei Ki Reiki symbols on all the walls of her home, in every room and made the house protected from any kind of negative energies. she stayed there for about 15 days, and in this period, she was able to see her father, walking better and free from depression. Also, his memory was getting better and finances were also seen to be improving.

This all may look like as a magic to some, but I had a personal talk with the fellow Reiki Master, and she told me that it was sort of a miracle. Her family after recovering from the past trauma, is very much excited and soon all of her siblings are planning to learn Reiki from her and help others. This was indeed a great news for us and we are sure that it will help a lot of energies from her village and other localities as well. we are thankful to her for sharing her story with us and we are sending our Reiki blessings to her with her family.

Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours too.

Vineet Jain


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