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Reiki healing for lost data and corrupt hard disc

By admin | In Success Stories | on May 24, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you for your all the love and light you are sending us and it is due to your support only that we are able to survive and continue our journey of spreading Reiki. It has been our honor and some past Karmas to have you all around us and we are extremely pleased to feel the positive energy of yours, supporting and guiding us.

First of all, I apologize with you all for my absence and I know it must be difficult for you to keep on waiting for them. My intention was always and has been very positive, but I am sorry and want your kind excuse, as I was unable to come online. Actually, while cleaning the table of my office, one of our staff got slipped, and my laptop fall, damaging my laptop’s hard disc. It all happened last Monday, and I was just shocked and it was impossible for me to come online or write any article here. However, I also realize that last Sunday, we added some new energy for clearing the negativity of our Reiki grid and it could be the reason for it. Also after sometime, we got a few calls and messages from other receivers who also had some or other negativity in their life.

After this small understanding, we immediately removed that new energy, which we had added to the grid on Sunday, and apologized all the Reiki receivers for the same. We also thanked our Bangalore based fellow Reiki healer for advising and attracting our direction to it. After taking it out, we began giving Reiki healing to our Reiki grid, using all the Reiki symbols and Reiki attunements we learned from our Reiki teachers. We also placed our broken, crashed hard disc under our Reiki grid for overnight Reiki healing. I know that since it was also just another energy only, it will be able to recover. We also did Psychic surgery and replaced our laptop with a new hard disc in it. Since all of our important data and documents were in the laptop only, we also placed a Reiki charged crystal pyramid over it.

When I reached office on Tuesday morning, it was still the same, without any progress, so I let it stay in the grid for one more day as I knew that it may take sometime to heal. Again when I came back on Wednesday morning, it was all same, but was making slight noise, and I definitely got excited, as it showed some progress. After some touch Reiki healing and Psychic surgery, I plugged it as an external hard disc with my laptop, and it worked. Some of my valuable data was coming on to me and thus, i transferred it to my new hard disc. After this, I again placed it in our Reiki grid for some more time. Today noon, when we took it out of the grid and plugged in, it was working like a normal disc, so we took back almost all of our lost data. After this all is back and my computer is all set to help you all back again, am here. I am sure to have your love with me and I will soon be writing some more articles in coming days.

I am thankful to you all and am really thankful to our Reiki teachers and Reiki energy. Thanks for your all the love and faith on Reiki Healing Energy.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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