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Reiki healing for knee pain

By admin | In Success Stories | on May 21, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your continuous love and kind support to us by emailing or giving your comments to us. We feel pleased while reading your positive emails and are happy to see the spread of Reiki energy at such a great speed. We are also thankful for your regular payments from which, we are able to give a new direction to our lives and Reiki healing center. We are grateful to Ms Bhavna for sending us her regular Reiki healing payments and also for sending some extra for letting us distribute some books, pencils etc. for children. The material will be purchased by us today and will be distributed among kids on Saturday.

This is Monday here, and it was really nice to see Mr Navneet again at our Reiki center with another set of papers, which means another Reiki healing done with success by him. I should tell you that he has been very much shy in nature and was scared to write any article by himself, but this growing of self confidence is really going to help him in many ways for sure. Today, when we read this article of his, it brought smile on our faces, we knew it as it was the one he was working for sometime. He has an Aunt, who was having a bad knee joint pain since many years, and was unable to walk without support stick. Without the support, she sometimes slips or fall often, making her feet swell and increase the pain, making her unable to walk and she was scared even to think of it. Navneet had gone to Lucknow for some of his business work, and as he was having some ample amount of time, took some sweets with him and visited her. He was totally unaware of her pain, so when he asked her for a cup of tea, she started crying and tears came out of her eyes. When asked the reason, she told him about her several year old knee pain, which was keeping her away from normal routine work. She told him that she have visited many doctors, taken many medicines and after a long course and dosage of expensive medicines, she was back on bed. This made Navneet a bit stressed, so asked her to lie down and rest, as he wanted to check Aura and Chakra blockages in her and to see how to treat her.

After checking thoroughly, he asked her if she was eating a normal diet or was avoiding any kind of meals and was she having a proper stomach. It was just as he felt that her Solar Plexus, Heart and Base Chakras were blocked and it looked like she was having constipation and slight high blood pressure. She also told the same story that since she was just lying down on bed for several months, she was having constipation and she also felt some heaviness at her Heart. After this, she asked her if she wanted him to do some Reiki healing and he can assure her that she will be able to walk in about two months on her own, without any medicines. She was asked just to give a recent photograph of hers and have some raw fresh fruits during noon time or in mornings. She agreed, so Navneet gave her a Reiki healing session at her place and after that, he asked her to sleep if she felt sleepy and left her, thinking and working on what have to be done next.

After coming back to Ghaziabad, he called us that he is coming for a new Reiki healing in our Reiki grid and want to heal us as early as possible. Since it was his personal matter, we left it to him, and later that day, he visited our Reiki Healing Center in Delhi and established it. Today, while handing over this article, he told us that he used Reiki power symbol in white color for Cleaning and purifying her Aura and Chakras. Balancing and emotional Reiki symbol Sei Hei Ki for balancing and clearing her emotional blockages which she was having against medicines and treatment. After balancing her, he made Master Reiki symbol Dai Koo Myo, Vasudha and Apta. He also drew Reiki symbols Zohre and Zonar. I must tell you all one thing here that in order to invoke Master Reiki symbol Dai Koo Myo, after drawing it, we also have to draw Raku symbol, since the Master symbol have to be called upon with more respect and gratitude. This Raku symbol in Reiki is just like a thunder lightening and is to be visualized in white color.

After about 15 days of distance Reiki Healing, he called her Aunt and was calm to hear that her voice was sounding better and much more positive. She told him that she was feeling much better and have already started walking a bit and her pains have reduced a lot. After the completion of 21 days, Navneet was asked to perform one more session of 21 days of Reiki grid healing by his Aunt’s son and send some payments for the 21 day Reiki healing. However, after about next 15 days, it was early morning, about 6AM, when he got a door bell and was shocked, surprised to his Aunt and his cousin on door. She was looking fresh and was physically fit and happy.

She hugged him and gave millions of blessings to Navneet and his family for this unique learning of Reiki healing. She said that she was proud to be knowing Navneet and was grateful for his Reiki healings. She brought some gifts for his son, wife and sweets for the family. She also handed over an envelop with some cash and forced him to keep it for love, since he was returning it back. Navneet shared this great news with us that day and we were very happy to hear about it, but had to wait, until we are asked to share it with you all. We are thankful to Navneet Mathur, his Aunt and all of his family and are proud to have such great energies around us. We are thankful to you all here for keeping us upright and in helping us stay on our ongoing path full of love and light.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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