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Reiki Healing for Kidney Stones

By admin | In Success Stories | on February 25, 2012

Fellow Energies, we are grateful to you all for all the love and blessings you are sending us for the Reiki Healing articles which we share here. It is really very nice of you for having your faith and trust on Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters at our Reiki healing Center and other Reiki Healing practitioners around you. It gives us a huge feeling of gratitude for our Reiki teachers and fellow energies after realizing your trust on Reiki Energy is growing and now most energies look for Reiki or other alternative Healings than commercial and conventional.

Last December, we got a telephone call from a fellow energy from Rajasthan, India who asked us if we could help in giving Reiki Healing for stones in her kidney. She had about 12 small stones and was getting a regular and immense pain in her abdomen due to the stones, which she was unable to travel much, which was needed in her job. She asked us if distance Reiki Healing is same, effective as touch or Reiki Healing done in person. We told her that Reiki Healing Energy works same either if done in person or distance Reiki Healing. The only difference is the intention or the use of Reiki symbols used. The difference may also be the Reiki Healing performed, like as in Psychic Surgery or Psychic Attack Removal, cleansing of Chakras or simple Reiki Healing.

After talking for about 30 minutes about it, she was able to understand and clear her doubts, so she emailed us with her Ultra Sound reports of the kidney. We also asked her to send her recent head to toe photographs with her birth details, so that we can keep her in our Reiki Grid and conduct some Psychic surgeries for it. She send all the details and recent photograph as required, and after that, she called again for a small detail of what we will be doing on for her Reiki Healing.

We than took a print out of her photograph, and placed it under our Reiki Grid, with a crystal pyramid over her. Behind her photograph, we made some Reiki symbols and than connected it with our major Reiki grid. We also placed our Reiki Energy Card with the Reiki symbols Apta and Vasudha close to her grid. We than did Psychic surgeries on every alternate day, twice a week, and regular Reiki healing, twice every day. Today morning, we got another call from her, telling us that she is sending us an email with her Ultra Sound test reports, which she had gone for Yesterday only. We asked her that how was it, but she kept it a suspense, so we grew anxious and opened the email to read her reports.

We were thrilled and excited to see that in her reports, all of the Reiki stones had dissolved and her kidney was totally free from stones. She than called us after sometime, thanking us and our fellow Reiki Masters for the Reiki Healing done for her. We got really excited and are happy, so now sharing it with you all. In a time period of about three cycles of 21 day Reiki grid healing, her kidney stones were all dissolved and we were able to heal her Kidney of stones. We are thankful for her, being a good receiver and you all for sending us your blessings, love and light.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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