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Reiki Healing for itching in Eyes

By admin | In Healings, Success Stories | on June 18, 2013

Dear fellow energies, I am thankful to the constant results I am able to achieve in healing. I thank my guru for showing me the path in Reiki, my guide for encouragement, my parents for all the support and to all of you for the love that you all have been giving. Few days ago I tried healing method for the itching eyes of my mother. She often suffers from watery and itching in the eyes.

In the monsoon season, due to dampness she felt her eyes are itching more , and tried the eye drops for two days. But the eye drops had less effect and failed to give her the complete satisfaction in curing the irresistible itching. Being the healer we Reiki energy healers understand the problems with the touch of our hand or from the vibrations. I tried to feel the problem by putting my hands on the eyes of my mother. The eyes needed healing, this was felt when the hands were having some kind of tingling effect.

The same day in the evening I sat down, and decided to heal her problem because she was unable to wear her spectacles and do her work or watch television. This time I felt for a healing , I visualized the eyes of my mother in my third eye as well as in between the palms of my hands. I gave the thought of seeing my mother having healthy eyes and her eyes are free from itching, after that I circled her and her eyes with white light. I visualized them in this state for some minutes and then gave another thought of freeing her eyes from itching and visualizing them in white light,, then showering with violet, golden and pink lights for more healing.

After showering with lights I visualized the symbols Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Sei Hei Ki, Cho Ku Rei, master symbol , and Aum. For few minutes I continued showering her with the symbols and then disconnected the healing connection after the process. I kept on healing her for three days taking her in alternate days to see the effects of the healing. After seven days , I asked her how she felt for her eyes. Did her eyes troubled her , her reply was she knew that she was being healed for it and felt it the very first day. In my heart I thanked her for her understanding and also thanked all giving me the strength I get for healing whenever there is a need.

I thank my parents, my gurus, my guide, and all the energies for the support, understanding and acceptance vice versa in us and with them…thank you all.

Jhuma Roy, Reiki Master, SEO and Freelance Content Writer



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