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Reiki healing for impotency

By admin | In Healings, Success Stories | on September 2, 2013

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for giving us this opportunity to share our experiences with you all here. We are also grateful to our Reiki teachers, our fellow Reiki practitioners at our centre Reiki Energy Healers, so as to help and guide us with different, new initiations, affirmations and visualisations. We are truly a firm believer and follower of our heart and Reiki healing energy.

It has been a great long week, and we were having our routine as a normal one and going on. In the noon, last Monday, we got a call from a fellow female Reiki Master, who just asked our name and hang up. She again called up from some other mobile number and talked to us, for her gratitude towards Reiki energy and shared her experience with us. 

She told us that one of her friend Renu had been married for past four years, without having a child in that long time. Renu was a cheerful female friend of hers, but was becoming dull and more serious with the time, which look ed like that home chaos were taking on her. However, one day, Renu visited her friend (our fellow Reiki Master) and asked her if she had time to discuss something personal. She told that her husband was very much loving and caring, but was having an erection problem, which was making their relationship bitter a bit. She said that she and her husband had tried almost every medicine and else, but it looked like nothing was working on him. She thus got her attunement for Reiki level 1st, and learned about how to initiate and do touch Reiki healing for self and her husband or other fellow energies.

After this meeting, she started working on herself and her husband, also stopped eating any kind of non vegetarian meals and started more of fresh fruits, vegetables and dry fruits. She also started using rock salt in her meals, juices and salads. Rock salt was also added in her showers, cleaning of floors etc. as we ask everyone to do.

She continued working on her husband for about 2 months, when she started seeing some positive response on his health. Without any medication, he was feeling much healthier and physically fit. She herself was feeling a lot better and active, while earlier she was feeling rather irritated and tired by the evening.

She called our fellow Reiki Master last Monday, giving the good news that she was pregnant, without using any kind of medicine, but just touch Reiki Healing. She was very much excited and happy to share her feeling with her friend and asked her to give her sometime, so that she may learn more of Reiki.

This was indeed a great news for us, which we loved to share with you. We know that many of us all are following Reiki principles and also performing touch healings. This article is just to share that if we have a firm faith and trust on Reiki healing energy, we can achieve any so called impossible task with ease. 

Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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