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Reiki Healing for heart and cancer patient

By admin | In Healings, Success Stories | on April 27, 2015

Fellow energies, I am thankful to you all for your support, love with your feedbacks. Yesterday, I went to Fortis Hospital in Gurgaon, near Huda City Center Metro station to meet our fellow Reiki Master, Ms. Manimala Ghosh. She had invited me to see and do Reiki healing on her to receivers, one of which was diagnosed with Cancer and other who was having a few blockages in Heart valves.

I know that it was a long distance for me to cover, and I had given her time to visit today, while I think Reiki had something else for me, and it took me yesterday, one day before we planned. I reached the station, and after meeting him, I discussed on Mr Sultan’s healing (name changed). She told me that she has already started working on him, using touch healing therapy and have also asked them to prepare the salt solution (as I shared with you all). She was using Reiki symbol Cho Ku Reiki to purify his blockages and thus adding Reiki symbol Sei Hei Ki to balance him. After the emotional Reiki symbol, she gave him Vasudha, Apta, Dai koo Myo, Zonar, Johre for better energizing his body energy. 

We waited for his wife to come to the visitor’s area and thus followed to his room. I was pleased to feel the positive vibes from the room, and later saw the face of Mr Sultan. He was looking weak, but possess a body of any sportsman. I can make out from his face that he was worried about his family and was hiding very deep anger for the doctors. I entered, and after telling a bit about me and my past, I started talking. Now, we were like good friends and I could sense that he was feeling relaxed and better. Now, while talking, I started doing Psychic surgery and Reiki healing to him and his wife, since she was also shaken and emotionally broken down. Now. Mrs Ghosh also started her Reiki healing on him, and I can sense that Mr Sultan was being like a very good recipient. While writing this article only, I got the message from Mr Sultan that he is feeling a lot better today, so he will extend his stay for one more day, will take rest in hospital and will thus return home tomorrow.

After this small session, in which we promised to visit my office with family, once he is fine, we went to Mr Ram, who was in other room of the same hospital, diagnosed with Heart blockages and was to be operated today. I went in their room, and could see the pale face of Mr Ram, who was lying on bed, with his wife, kids who were also looking dull and stressed. I again started talking to them all, after giving my brief introduction, we started our combined healing. During the healing, I could see the stress in his mind, which was even showing up on his face. I told him that his stress is going to help only in making his health worse, while, his smile and songs, which he use to sing. I also asked his wife to go on a vacation to Goa, as they were planning before he came to hospital. Slowly slowly, after the healing session, he became better and I was thus relieved to see him recovering and feeling Reiki healing energy. 

After I came down, I talked about some other topics with Mrs Ghosh, and was then invited by her to visit her home and new Reiki center, which was close. I accepted her invitation and went along with her to her home. I was once again delighted to see her pet Sniper, who was running here there and was just the way I was visualizing during my Reiki healing to him. Also, he was able to sniff and sense the vibes coming to me, and was calm. I also met her loving son and husband, in a few minutes, and was happy to share my personal experiences with them. 

I also visited her center and gave her a few of advices, and am sure that she will follow them and get benefit. I would now take your leave, and pray almighty that you all are always happy, healthy and possess a great love filled life. Thanks to you all from Reiki Energy Healers

Reiki blessings, love, light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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