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Reiki Healing for giving up alcohol

By admin | In Reiki Experiments and us | on April 13, 2011

Reiki Healing for giving up alcohol

Fellow Energies, we are grateful to you for helping us in our new Reiki Healings and letting us work on new projects that come our way. We know that none of us are able to do everything, but still, Reiki Energy has helped us to learn and find newer ways to help. We are still trying to improve and find some better methods and concepts of Reiki so as to help mankind.

Last month, a female came to our Reiki Healing Temple for a request and query. She asked us if we can help her husband give up consuming of alcohol and if we have to try anything, we may try for her. It was really a new request for us, since after so much of Reiki Healings, this idea was out of our thoughts that we can work on such Healings too. This humble request shook our hearts and brains and made us to think and plan towards it. We realized that if such a healing is established, we would be able to help many energies, since many are suffered from this drinking habit.

We all sat and discussed on what could be done in this one of a kind healing request. We called that female again to our center and asked about her husband’s habit in detail. We asked her if we can call her husband to our center and talk about Reiki to him and can ask him to leave as we will be helping it with our Reiki energy and we need him to be a good receiver. She agreed and told us that her husband also want to give it up, but due to the urge and the health effects of alcohol, he starts drinking again.

Later that evening, she visited us with her husband, who was looking very sober but shy and trying to hide his face from other receivers at our center. However, he came and sat in front of us and hesitating in talking  to us. We started to talk to him about Reiki, Chakras, about food habits and other things, so that he can understand what he was doing to his body. After sometime, we took him to our Reiki Healing chamber, and made him lie on our Crystal charged bed and asked him to close his eyes. There was Aum music played on in the back ground and all other instruments spreading positive energies were arranged.

We than started our Reiki Healing process, including cleansing of Chakras and than charging etc. We established Aum symbol in his Heart, Crown, Brow and Solar Plexus Chakra, so that he just have good and positive thoughts in consumption of things. We than asked him to come for sometime, twice a day like in morning before going to work and once he is back from work, he should come to us. We gave him a Reiki charged water glass to drink, with an initiation that he has given up all bad habits and is a sincere, good and loving husband of ……(female).

He visited us for about a fortnight and we were told that he have stopped consuming liquor and was being a nice man now. He still comes to us for Reiki Charged water, but now comes alternate days and seem like he is fully co operating us. We are really happy to see our this new Reiki programming working for us and are sure that it will be working good for all other energies as well.

Thanks to you all, who let us reach here with success and gratefulness.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain


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