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Reiki Healing for finding lost valuables

By admin | In Success Stories, What do we do | on May 25, 2012

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your all the love you are sending us and are sure that this love will continue till life. We are happy to be back with our working laptop again and are sharing you this Reiki technique again with you due to many requests. As we may loose or misplace or forget where we keep our valuables and worry for them in the time of need, our fellow Reiki Master from Dubai asked us on how can our Reiki learning help us in it.

She asked us that she have lost a big diamond ring and is worried about it, since it was very expensive and also as it was her wedding anniversary gift from her loving husband. She have searched at almost all the places, where she had doubts but was unable to place hand on it, so want to ask if we can help. Also there were some similar emails from fellow Reiki healers and receivers and other fellow energies in Australia, Canada, United States, France and other places. We have earlier too stated about the power of visualization of Reiki symbols in their respective colors and that they are very effective and important in our daily life.

Suppose if we misplace or forgot where we kept our important papers, valuables or else and want to search for it, we can use crystal pendulum dowsers, and can also use our own visualization power. For using the dowser, we need to energize it with Reiki symbols and place it on the map of the room, home or play area, where it could have dropped or missing. We should place over it at about an inch gap from the paper and leave it freely, and should just command ‘check’, and it will start rotating. If it’s rotation is in the clockwise direction at any particular place, you can go and collect it from that particular region, and if it is moving in anti clockwise direction or moving in to and fro movement, the chances at that place is very less. If it is anti clockwise or in different through out map, it just means that we need to look at other area, or someone has it by now. We can however try at other places of doubt and I am sure that your search will be easier and much more convenient.

Visualizing Reiki symbols with closed eyes also help in finding things we lost or misplaced. Now, we just need to visualize Reiki symbols in their prospective colors in different directions, and where we feel like the symbols are difficult to draw, we should move in that direction. This is just because the lost energy has some blockage or negative thought attached to it, to make it missing from us.

Sometimes, as there are many negative energies or blockages in home or search area, like alcohol, non vegetarian food or any other negative energy, it could be difficult to find. However, if we try to remove the negative energies from our home or place them in a particular area, specially dedicated to them only our searches will be made easier. Some people love to keep alcohol bottles or any other negative energy scattered everywhere, which will end up much more time consumption in the find.

I am sure that using these small experiments, you will be able to find anything you lost or forgot after keeping due to your hectic and busy schedule. After finding your things, please remember to pay your gratitude to your found valuable, yourself, your Reiki teachers and all other fellow energies around you.

I am thankful to you all for your love and blessings to keep moving and helping the spread of Reiki energy. I am thankful to Reiki energy and am grateful to my Reiki teachers.

Blessings, love and light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain



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