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Reiki healing for family relationship

By admin | In Success Stories | on May 26, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your kind payments and are happy to see that Reiki energy is helping everyone in some or other manner. We are really happy to see the success of Reiki healing done by the Reiki Masters, Reiki Healers at our Reiki healing center and fellow Reiki practitioners when we read or hear about them. We get much more excited when we read your love filled emails, where you explain the healings done by you after reading our or other articles or as taught or guided by their Reiki teachers.

Since last month, we are working on a Reiki Healing of a female friend from United States, who was treated very bad by her parents and brother. We were asked to improve her relationship with her parents, and since her brother was married and living separately, we were asked to focus just on parents. We asked her about the relationship of her parents as a couple, which was also in trouble and they both seem to be arguing whenever they see each other. Therefore, after her permission, we established a Milan Reiki grid for her parents as we thought that if her parents are happy together, it will be better to improve her relationship with them.

After establishing the Reiki Milan grid, we kept on giving them all the positive Reiki healing we can and also kept our receiver protected from any kind of negative energy. As we told you all, we have already placed pieces of rock salt in our grid on every Reiki healing, so as to protect each and everyone. After this initiation in the Reiki grid, we made Reiki symbols Cho Ku Rei, Sei Hei Ki, Dai Koo Myo, Vasudha, Apta, Zonar and Zohre. As we were also having some other personal relationship Reiki healings, we added some new Reiki symbols and some new initiations with them.

In India, we symbolize Lord Brahma as the creator of all, and pink colored lotus flower is where he sits. This is his throne, or royal place and this lotus flower is the symbol for God Brahma. Than we also thought of adding one more initiation of Lord Vishnu in our visualizations, which we used with Tibetan Dai Ko Myoo.

One important thing I forgot to tell you that I start my healing after purifying using Cho Ku Rei, the Reiki power symbol in white color by Indian Aum symbol. I do so, as per our Indian customs, every spiritual or holy thing starts with Aum. Today evening, we heard that her parents were more than loving and caring towards her and it was total surprising for her. The personal relationship of her parents seem to be improving too and they looked like loving and caring for each other. I was happy to hear this news as our new Reiki experiments showed good results and we also saw some other improvements of using new energies, which we will be sharing with you in our next articles.

I am thankful to you all for your kind support, your trust on me and Reiki energy.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain



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