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Reiki healing for encephalitis

By admin | In Healings | on January 22, 2013

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you for your acceptance of our articles here and helping us in a better understanding of our blockages, with the help of Reiki energy. We are getting various queries for the blockages, we have never heard of, and are thankful to you all for giving us an opportunity to work on them.

Since last June, we were getting a request from our fellow energy on facebook to give Reiki healing for her health, as she was getting vertigo spells, body pains and was feeling anxiety due to Encephalitis. This disease was totally new for us, but since she asked for an urgent healing, we assured her that we will transfer Reiki energy to her for getting relax from pains and anxiety, but in the meantime, we started looking for learning more about this blockage. After reading about this blockage, most of us would like to send healing to the Crown, Brow, Throat and Heart Chakra, as they seem to be the blocked Chakras from first impression. However, after reading again and again about this blockage (disease), we concluded that Reiki energy to Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base Chakra was also important. This is because we know that if our metabolism is strong and powerful, we will be able to remove the virus, which is creating this blockage repeatedly. It just shows that the immune system of the receiver is all weak due to past some years life style or Karmas. This could also be troubling many more energies, as in today’s life, we rarely think of our own life or are concerned about a healthy meal in our meals. Today, we just think about our tongue with a thought that the taste buds will thank us, but ignoring the fact that it might block or damage our own Chakras. This may also make our immune system and metabolism corrupt and inefficient to work properly.

Now, after our discussion, one small question came in to our fellow Reiki Masters, that if in any such healing or blockage, we need to perform Reiki healing on all the nine Chakras, so what is the difference in such healings or Psychic Attack? The question and the doubts were true with a real awareness now, so one must understand a few things. Any energy, which is having all of the nine Chakras blocked, will still be willing to get healed and will accept use of positive energies, however the energy with Psychic Attack or black magic will only repel or stay away from anything which may help. Rock salt solution is just like a sea water, so it is good for anyone and helps a lot in protecting from negative energies or curing from Psychic attack. Rock salt in meals also help in clearing blockages in any of the nine Chakras easily, without much effort.

However if you sprinkle a small amount of rock salt solution, or even plain water, charged with Reiki symbols over any energy with Psychic attack will shout or retaliate as if you have showered with acid. There are many such incidents, which happen with us and can be checked by any of you too, so it is easy to identify between the two.

Now, after discussion, we started working on her said Chakras and she was feeling a lot better with in a time of 2 months time. She again mailed us last night for her pains and we will be working on her Solar plexus, Sacral, Base, Knee and Toe Chakra more now, and later will work on her Crown, Brow, Throat and Heart Chakra.

We are sure that she will improve soon and will restore her health back in sometime and in sometime from now, she will be normal. Since she will be reading this article of ours, we will request her to eat a healthy diet, full of fresh fruits, vegetables and dry fruits as recommended here from time to time. Fellow energies, we are again sending you our thanks and gratitude for your kind mails and Reiki blessings.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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