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Reiki Healing for Depression

By admin | In Success Stories | on January 23, 2012

Fellow Energies we are pleased to share your articles and comments which you are emailing or telling us on phone. It is really a great feeling for us to understand that Reiki awareness is spreading all over and people are performing new experiments for their Reiki Healings. It is really good to know that now Reiki Healers and Reiki masters from all over are trying to find and are ready to work on new ideas.

Today morning, we got a telephone call from our Hawaii (United States) based fellow Reiki Master Joy, who wanted to share her Reiki Healing experience with us and all you out here. She had a female friend, who had undergone a divorce about two years back, and was under depression.

Her friend Anita (name changed) had been a very much active and outgoing, music lover female, but this divorce if hers shattered her. She was broken into pieces, since she had a love marriage, but after she found out that her husband was cheating on her, she broke her relationship with her husband. It was a tragic and a sad news for us, but we kept on listening on to what Joy was going to tell. Joy told us that it was very difficult for her to see her friend going in to depression and her sad face, every time which was a glowing look earlier. Joy hesitated for a moment, but than asked Anita of she can do some Reiki healing for bringing happiness back into her life. Joy just meant that either her ex comes back into her life, or someone else take into Anita’s personal life. Either way, she just want to see Anita happy in her personal life and to see that she was happy again.

After getting Anita’s permission, she asked her to give her recent photograph for Reiki grid healing and also asked her if she want her ex back or any new guy in her life. Anita told her that she was unable to think of being cheated again, so want a new guy instead of her ex. She had been devastated and was all broken by her ex, who cheated her. So, now Joy created a new Reiki Grid for Anita, and in this Reiki grid, she used Reiki symbol Vasudha, to keep her positive, Reiki Master symbol Dai Ko Myo to give her supreme Reiki energy, Reiki symbol Apta for helping a good relationship with opposite sex, Zonar Reiki symbol for her life filled with happiness.

She kept on giving a good time for cleaning and clearing her blockage using Reiki Power symbol Cho Ku Rei and balancing Reiki symbol Sei Hei Kei. Since Sei Hei Kei is also an emotional Reiki symbol, she used the new Reiki symbol along with the other Reiki symbols, after balancing her energy. With the Zonar Reiki symbol, Joy kept on visualizing that Anita is very much happy, laughing and cheerful singing. With the Vasudha Reiki symbol, she gave the intention that Anita is very positive and depression is out of her life. With the Apta Reiki symbol, she gave the intention that she is having a good friendship and relationship with a nice, handsome and a good guy, whom she loves too.

After about two Reiki sessions of 21 days, she got a good news at her door, I mean this morning, Anita banged her door, shouting. Joy was confused but was than happy to hear that finally, Anita was in love with some good businessman, from some other city. She seem to be migrating to New York by this March along with her new boy friend and plans to marry than. She was again cheerful and excited and Joy was really happy to see her new and rejoiced face.

Joy got too much excited and was really shouting at the phone to tell me this great news. We are sure that if you use these Reiki symbols with proper initiation, you will also get good results. These symbols if are made with proper visualizations and good intentions, they will be giving the desired results for sure.

Thanks Joy for sharing your Reiki healing done for Anita and also enlightening other energies about it. I am sure that this Reiki Healing will help in killing and burning of depression from many lives now. Thanks to you all fellow energies as well.

Blessings, love and light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain



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