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Reiki healing for dead nerve of ear

By admin | In Reiki Experiments and us | on April 28, 2011

Reiki healing for dead nerve of ear

Fellow Energies, we are at times highly emotional and are pleased to see your love and blessings coming to us and helping us in our new venues. It is really good to see the continuous support and light towards us, for which we are really obliged. At times, this grateful feeling take us to the zenith and we may get the blissful and heart full love from you all here.

Today morning, we got a message at facebook from a friend for a nerve of ear which was dead and the person was unable to hear. Our friend had done a level one Reiki, and wanted to know if she was able to heal for the above stated blockage. We called our fellow Reiki Energy Healers and Reiki Masters at our Reiki Healing center to discuss and find some solution to it. After about fifteen minutes of a brief discussion, we all find out certain points, which may help her and other energies, across the globe.

The Reiki Healer need to talk to her Reiki teacher or Reiki Master for helping her in this Reiki healing by sending their Reiki energy for healing. Than she should ask the receiver to lie down beside with closed eyes. The Reiki Healer need to play a meditation music and use camphor lamp for helping in the healing much more. Than the Reiki healer need to clean the Aura of whole body of the receiver as taught.

Than the Reiki Healer need to charge the 24 body parts as taught by placing their palm on those body parts, but trying to work more on Brow Chakra and Throat Chakra. They also need to work more on Eyes, ear and throat for the faster healing of ear nerve. They may need to visualize white color flowing through their palms to the receiver’s body and should place their palms in such a way that it is air tight and the energy may just go into the receiver’s energy. It should be done for about 15 minutes for these three parts and about 7-10 minutes on other body parts.

While the Reiki healing, Reiki Healer should keep visualizing the receiver to be perfect and that the receiver is perfect. This Reiki Healing if done for 21 days continuously, should come up with a good and positive result and we will be able to see life in the dead nerve of the ear. The deaf person will be able to hear to the full slowly in some more days of healing for sure.

Thank you Sejal for asking and thank you fellow energies and Reiki Healers, Reiki Masters.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain

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