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Reiki healing for damage in Liver

By admin | In Success Stories | on May 19, 2012

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your love and Reiki filled emails for which we are all obliged. We are reading your each and every email you send and are trying to find some really good solution and reply via email or creating any article here. Most of the emails we get are replied in the form of our articles here, since we feel that it is better to share here for you and many others. We just hope that you are comfortable with our replies in here and will continue to write us with all of your queries and comments. We are also pleased to share your kind payments for which we are thankful and promise you to keep updating our blog with the best of information and updates what we can.

Today morning again, our fellow Reiki Grand Master Mr Navneet was ready with one new article of one another Reiki Healing he did. He may be slow in writing, but I am sure that he is doing a great effort in using Reiki energy in the correct direction, as is desired. Please read his article as shared under:

After reading a few of our website’s articles, Navneet got a phone call from a guy, who told him that he was very much excited and happy to read about Reiki Energy. He told him that he want to meet him and if he can do some Reiki healing for his father, who was having his liver with a huge infection, and doctors were asking them to go for transplant as it looked like it was damaged. He told Navneet that he have inquired many places and almost all were denying the possibility and some were asking about INR 10,000,00.00, which comes about 20,000USD and it was very difficult and look like impossible to a normal service class man. Also after the transplant the person has to be very much careful and take medicines for the whole of their life, and we know that any natural thing is better when original, any modification, alteration or change is never having the same energy or effect as any artificial or replacement.

After discussing in the meeting with Mr Navneet Mathur, that guy gave him the recent photograph of his father, along with the birth and medical details. He also paid for the 21 days Reiki healings in advance, as were asked. After about a week of distance Reiki healing using Reiki Grid, Navneet got a call from the guy, and his mother was speaking to him. She sounded happy and pleased, after giving many blessings to Navneet and her son, she told him that she was glad to see that her husband took piece of half bread after about 4 months. He took a full glass of fresh juice and some fruit salad after a long time and was telling that it feel like heaven as in eating after a long break. He asked Navneet to continue the Reiki healing process, as in after a few days, they were to go again for a complete liver testing. Now, this test report was clearly showing improvement in liver and the infection has reduced drastically, when even the doctors were surprised. They said that the patient need to take some antibiotics for the infection and after about a month, can start eating light meals. After coming from the hospital, he called again Navneet for thanking him and taking his next 21 days payment for the Reiki healings, and this time he paid about double for the recovery, where even medicines failed.

Now after the 21 days were over, he was invited for a dinner from that guy and his all family was present on the dining table. They also paid a good amount of money for the Reiki healing, since the infection was all gone and the liver seem to be working at about 80% by itself. It was really a great news for us when we hear it today, so we are sure that you all too will be happy to read it. He told us that did a few Psychic surgeries, and Psychic Attack removal healings for him, so as for faster recovery.

I am thankful to Navneet for sharing this Reiki healing done by him, the sweets and gifts he brought for us all here and to you all for being with us all the time.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain

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