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Reiki healing for clearing debts of credit card

By admin | In Healings, Success Stories | on January 10, 2013

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your positive energy filled articles, which make us feel too good after reading them all. We are really pleased to see and understand so many new ways and ideas to use Reiki energy symbols with positive affirmations to burn different blockages. This is sometimes surprising and astonishing to learn and share these great new findings in this advancing world.

Today evening, we got a nice and love filled email from our fellow Reiki Master from Walkerton, Canada, who told us about a unique Reiki healing done by her. She told us about the Reiki healing done by her for her boy friend, who was having a lot of dues on his credit card. He was terrified by the calls from the concerned bank and was mentally exhausted, when he asked her to do some magic for him. She explained him that Reiki was a pure science and it has nothing to do with magic, but she will try to give Reiki healing for releasing his debts if possible. She told him that his debts are also sort of blockages at his Heart, Solar plexus and Sacral Chakra, so he need to follow some of her advices.

She told him to completely give up alcohol, smoking and non vegetarian meals till she allow or he gets his desired result done. He than gave the details of his loan, credit details and a recent photograph, to be put in her Reiki Master grid for a faster healing. She after initializing it in her grid, started giving the initiation and a positive affirmation that all of his dues were cleared. Due to the positive effect of Reiki energy and a good, healthy diet, her friend was able to work harder and have much more positive thoughts in his mind. Now, his work started showing better results and it started giving him increment in his business and financial gains. Due to more of positive thinking and support of Reiki grid healing energy, the blockages in his business were clearing much easily now and he was able to earn more.

In about six months time, he was able to pay back about 50% of his debts and he was very much pleased and was grateful to his friend Reiki Master, who helped him clear his dues. After six months of time, and paying off his half of dues, he was feeling very light, so was overwhelmed with love and joy. He thanked his girl friend and our fellow Reiki Master for clearing his blockages and continue for some more time, till all of his dues were cleared. He now also wanted to learn Reiki energy healing, so as to stay clear from any kind of negativity and free from any blockage.

This mail was one of those emails, which help us learn and understand new clearing of blockages using Reiki energy. She shared this healing done by her for her boy friend with us, so as to share with you all. She gave you all her love and gratitude for the blessings you will be sending for her.

We are thankful to you all, her and all of our fellow energies for helping us with great new learning along with your blessings.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours

Vineet Jain


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