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Reiki healing for clearing blockages and self protection

By admin | In Success Stories | on September 13, 2012


Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for sharing your emails and kind suggestions for improving our articles and this blog. We are today, sharing another article as sent by our fellow Reiki Master from Romania who requested to keep his name secret. His name will only be revealed, if you all accept and like this article of his.

This article here is on how to work on your own Chakras and yourself, keeping yourself protected from any kind of negative energies. This article is having a small important message that using our presence of mind, we can use for healing ourself or any other receiver’s blockage. We here are going to use a outdoor game visualisation in our Reiki healing, which worked great in our fellow Reiki Master’s healing. If we all also learned to use similar new experiments in for our healing, we will be able to live a blockage free life.


Good morning everyone, Namaste, Jai Jinendra, Salaam to all.


I am here write about Reiki healing protection from all negative energies, clearing Chakras and energizing Chakras and also some aura enhancement.


Well I will tell you about my friend Gary (name changed) who experienced some problems due to some negative energies around her. First of all, I must tell you all that she is a Reiki practitioner. Since last two days she is forgetting everything or at least she admits that she began her morning without her everyday routine of self Reiki healing. During the day she did her things except her Reiki healing. It seems that her life is going through a bad phase since she is avoiding all what we all as a Reiki energy should be doing. She seem like she has started talking, thinking negative and avoiding any kind of positive actions or thoughts from her life. One day, she had to fast since she was too lazy to go to eat. But other day, she skipped her meals completely, making her sick. So some negative energies came on her and some bad things happened to her. She was robbed by phone call of her money by some cyber criminal, who lewd her of some prize, that never came. After that she felt some health issues because of negative energies attacked on her. For the moment she was brought down but then, getting conscious about all that happened to her, she thought of her duties. May be she has some karmic duties may be not but what can I say is that she was down and feeling low. When she was down she remembered about that she missed self Reiki healing and she began immediately by cleaning environment with camphor and rock salt and after that she began the healing process. She said a prayer and thanked to God, Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, Saints, Lord Shiva, Ganesha, Lakshmi, Budha and other guides, teachers and asked them to help her perform her healing. First she has drew Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei around her then Sei Hei Ki then Dai Koo Myo, Johre, Zonar, Apta, Vasudha and also the Tibetan Aum. She thought so she will be protected to do her self healing. Also she showered on herself in white and golden light and tried to expand this light as much as possible. In the mean time she left her bad thoughts to the guys who robbed her by phone, because in the first instant when she get conscious she was robbed she had the intention to course them instead of letting only God to make justice. So she continued with Chakra cleaning from the Crown Chakra to the Root (Base) Chakra using the wiping system where it was possible but also the wind system or storm system. I will explain what I mean in our next few lines.


When she was unable to heal one Chakra she is visualising a storm who get into this dirty or blocked Chakra and put out all the negative energy and she say she is able to see some black flow of sick liquid coming out and in time the liquid become clear and in that moment she know the Chakra is getting clean. Instead of what came out she brings clear white golden energy who let entering in her Chakras. What I told you, she is doing for all her seven main Chakras in the same process, as discussed above. If the blockage is too much or difficult to clean, she also used the EFT ( Emotional Freedom Tapping technique) process as she saw that a lady from the USA was doing. While cleaning and energising Chakra visualising and positive affirmations are always present and said for every single Chakra but in a positive system. At the end she learned to avoid negative words who bring negative energy to her. There are a number of words which should be avoided in our daily life whether we are a Reiki practitioner or a simple energy. I just mean to say here is that we should always use a positive affirmation and should avoid any kind of negative. We should also avoid and stop using the words ‘no’ and ‘not’ from our vocabulary, and we will be able to see the difference in sometime. When she is cleaning Chakras then she try to expand all that process to all the organs near that Chakra. The same is she doing when she is energising her Chakras. Finishing with the Chakra, she began to do some self touch healing beginning with the head and finishing with feet.


Where the negative energies are to strong and difficult to burn, she used that system from the psychology or may be others use them too visualising that she got a form of bar or ball of the black energy and she pulled that bar or ball out and some positive forces helped her to send those black energies in the universe far away from her. In a simpler way, she played herself as a batsman in game of cricket and gave a hard hit to the ball of negative energy. After finishing all that process of healing she sealed her healing by drawing Cho Ku Rei on her Crown Chakra and Heart Chakra with proper visualisation and affirmation.

Reiki Energy healers Directory

Reiki Energy healers Directory

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tibetan om

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Reiki energy in hands

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At the end she payed gratitude to God, Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, Saints, Lord Shiva, Allah, Ganesha, Lakshmi, Budha,all the guides and Reiki teachers and finally, she disconnected from Reiki energy. She verified all her work how much aura enhanced how she felt after all the healing and she went to wash her hands and face and came to talk to me. I looked at her all the time but after she finished I asked her to give me some explanations and she gave to me for sharing with you all here. I asked her if I can share with my teacher Vineet and she agreed, so now I am writing to you teacher about all.

We are grateful to our fellow Reiki Master, you all and everyone supporting us, directly or indirectly.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain



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