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Reiki Healing for cancer spread in whole body

By admin | In Our Chakras and Aura, Science of Reiki | on March 23, 2017


Happiest family

Happiest family



Reiki Energy healers Directory

Reiki Energy healers Directory

Solar Plexus Chakra

Fellow energies, I am grateful to you all for guiding me in my mission of spreading Reiki, love, and light in this small universe. I am thankful to the team of www.thesilverlining.co.in and you all in making my mission easier. Last night, I went to meet Mr. Parveen Kumar Jain in Rohini, who was having stage IV cancer, and I was told that cancer had spread in whole of his body. 

Last night, I went to meet Mr. Parveen Kumar Jain in Rohini, who was having stage IV cancer, and I was told that cancer had spread in whole of his body. I got a bit of angry to see that doctors had made a hole in his neck for breathing, and have operated a lot. They were now hopeless for his recovery, and it was really shocking to see the so-called medical practitioners, talking so heartlessly to people. I met his wife and was pleased to see her willingness for recovery and support. I knew that most of the doctors (I call them dacoits) are using us as a money making machine and term us all as just a body. They just keep on experimenting and using us for their own benefits.

After meeting the couple and their family friend, I was convinced that I will be able to give my best to them. I also did a small Reiki session on Parveen from distance, since I felt that he was very weak and if I touched him, he might feel very hot. He also asked if I was going to perform touch Reiki healing on him, which I denied since his body was cold. He then replied that he was feeling slight cold since morning. 

Since the family was convinced with my discussion and persuasion, so I also suggested them some Ayurveda tips for the cleansing of toxins and mucus from his body. I drew Sei Hei Ki, Apta, Rama, Hosanna, Zohre and Aum Reiki symbols on him along with his wife. I avoided Cho Ku Rei or Dai Koo Myo on him since I felt that his Aura was very weak. I felt like he is weak for power symbols, thus I just showered him with balancing Reiki symbols and symbols, which have the combination of male-female energy.

I left his home heavy-hearted, with a commitment to work on him with my best. I will be adding him to the Reiki grid tomorrow since there was some internet trouble today at our center. I am thankful to you all for making my mission a success.

Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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