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Reiki healing for Cancer in Lungs

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on April 22, 2015

Fellow energies, I am thankful to you all and especially our fellow Reiki Master, Ms. Manimala Ghosh from Gurgaon for sending me such a great query of hers. She is a Reiki Master herself and has been practicing Reiki since last few years. She recently opened her Reiki center in Gurgaon too and is now an active Reiki practitioner.

She mailed me yesterday, where she got a Reiki healing for an energy with both the lungs blocked, along with gall bladder etc. and is diagnosed with Cancer. As you all know this small update of mine is that I am now working a bit more focussed on Cancer healing, I started reading and thinking on how to work on this healing.

After my small online research, I found out that in most of the Lung cancers, it is due to the congestion of mucus or tar in lungs, due to smoking (possibly due to self or being a passive smoker too), cold water / drinks consumption, and less water consumption too. As I have mentioned in earlier articles that rock salt is one the best medium to dissolve and flush out any kind of mucus from our system. Also, we need to drink more of water, so as to keep the passage clean. Therefore, replacing of rock salt from normal table salt should be one of the ideal solutions. However, after some more of research on internet, I found a small solution for those who feel it difficult to drink more water or those who are allowed to have very less meals, due to health allowance.

Take a glass jug / bowl, which can contain at least 500ml of water. Put it on any wooden platform. Add water up to 3/4th of the container with drinking water. Now, start adding rock salt (in powdered from) slowly, while continuously stirring it with a (glass spoon, wooden or a silver spoon only). Remember, we have to avoid use of any plastic, any other metal, as it may become useless for use if done. For higher properties, we can only use glass, silver, wood and if nothing is available, our own hands. Now, after adding some quantity of rock salt, we will notice that rock salt has stopped dissolving in water. Now, we must stop adding rock to water, and should now cover it with a wooden / glass or silver lid, so as to cover it and protect from dust particles or mosquitoes etc. Now, this is a readymade wonder solution for all and can be used by anyone. Everyday, we should take about 1-2 tsp of this solution, add it to a normal glass of water and drink it. Those who are unable to drink complete one glass, can reduce the quantity of solution with water in appropriate ratio, as possible intake. This water solution can be used until it is completely over, and may be shaken before use. This can again be prepared, once it finishes.

Now, for further Reiki healing, we should try to work on using distant Reiki healing, where we can infuse Reiki Psychic surgery, psychic attack removal and normal Reiki healing system. The symbols, which can be used after connection symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen are Cho Ku Rei (for cleansing), Sei Hei Ki (for balancing), Dai koo Myo, Apta, Vasudha, Zonar, Johre, Kriya etc. We can also work on our receiver, using body talk healing, PSI healing. We can also guide a few tips of EFT to our receiver and some others, so as they can also start working on themselves for a speedy recovery.

I have seen in most of the cases where the receiver is more active, the cancer is gone for ever, and doctors start claiming the healing with their medications. I would request my Reiki healers that please we all must stop thinking negative or bad about what others speak about Reiki or else, we must just focus on our mission and keep on spreading love and light in this small universe.

My sincere blessings to every energy and to all the members of our Reiki Energy Healers, Ms Manimala Ghosh.

Reiki blessings, love, light to you all and yours.

Love and Light.

Vineet Jain

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