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Reiki Healing for bone fracture

By admin | In Success Stories | on June 12, 2011

Reiki Healing for bone fracture

Fellow Energies, we are grateful to you all for your kind wishes and emails, with which we are really overwhelmed with joy. We had been working on different Reiki Healings and are happy to see when we are able to get good and positive results of the healings done. However, for the healings still undone, we are still working on them and are trying to get some solution for them.

It is our continuous effort to get a good solution for our receivers and other fellow energies, in which many are Reiki Healers and Light workers in some form or other. Most of our Reiki masters and Reiki healers are working on many different Reiki Healings, Psychic surgeries and Psychic Attack removals, and some of our Reiki Healings are still to be completed. We are working on these incomplete Reiki Healings using Mass Healing and are also working with some new innovations in our Reiki Healing methods, Reiki equipments etc., as suggested by our other fellow Reiki Energy healers, all around the globe.

Last Thursday, we got a call from our student Reiki Master from Rohini-Delhi, that she got a bad news about her mother being hit by a car on road and she immediately need a Reiki Healing for her. The person who called her had told her that the accident was enormous and her mother was in high damaged condition. We understood the emergency and the need of the situation, so left all the work in hand and sat for the Reiki Healing, that was needed by her mother. First of all, we drew symbol Cho Ku Rei on her, and covered her all with the white light, so as to protect her from any negative energy. We than also made the balancing symbol Sei Hei Ki and master symbol Dai Ko Myo, so as to balance her condition and give her all the energy she needed.

After sometime, we got a call from our friend that her mother had been hit on her right side, but her right feet and right hand may have some fractures. it was sad, but still we were feeling relaxed as it could be worse. Our friend thanked all of us for the help and asked us to place her mother on the Reiki Grid till she improve and since she was unable to concentrate much on her Reiki Healing due to stress.

next day, we all took permission for the Psychic surgery for her mother, as we thought that it will be better to change her right feet and hand before going in for any plaster. She told us that the physician has asked to come on Sunday, which is today with X-Ray reports, and will decide for the same, if the plaster is going to be a soft one or a rigid one. We performed 2 psychic surgeries till today (including one today) and I just got a call that made us shout a bit. Her mother would be given a soft plaster in hand and a hard one in feet, but we were still happy to see her fast recovery. I am thus, thankful and grateful to all of our fellow Reiki Healers and Reiki masters, for helping us help the mother of our fellow Reiki Master.

I am here, sharing this article, so that you all may also feel happy to see one more Reiki Healing done with good success.

Thanks dear fellow energies, thanks to all of you and yours.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain


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