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Reiki Healing for Black Magic removal

By admin | In Success Stories | on March 1, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your lovely and positive articles you have been sending to us for sharing with all. It is really our pleasure to have you all around us and receiving your love and light all around us. We are here sharing one good and useful article for you all here, where you can read and understand on how to heal a person, attacked with black magic.

We got an email from our fellow Reiki Master female friend from Peshawar in Pakistan, telling her experience about a Reiki Healing she did for a friend affected from black magic. She told us that one of her friend was reacting weirdly from past some weeks and his habits were changing rapidly. He seem to be getting irritated very easily and was than getting violent at frequent intervals. She tried to use rock salt shower and spraying over him, but even a small drop of water solution with rock salt was making him violent. He was like getting aggressive and much more negative by every other day. The position was getting worse and creating a new scenario every other day, and his family was getting worried.

She than asked his family members to use rock salt in cooking meals, in shower water and sprinkle rock salt water solution all over his home. She also gave a camphor lamp to them and asked them to use it everyday, and took his full photograph for Reiki grid healing and Psychic Attack removal. She than did a few Psychic surgeries and Psychic attack removals as read and taught by her Reiki teachers. She did a few very intensive Reiki Healings for him, continuously for over a month, and was happy to see some good changes visible. One day, when she was passing through him, he suddenly started shouting and started making noises and some unusual actions on the road. She got alarmed and grabbed him by his head and draw Reiki symbols including power symbol Cho Ku Rei and Raku. These both the Reiki symbols helped him cooling down and behaving normally, since all of his negative energy was than burned and thrown down in the hell of fire.

She than did a small touch Reiki healing session on him, which gave him some good relaxation and a sound sleep. She than went to his home and made some good energy invoking in the room and programmed it to burn all the negative energy that enter the room. She than returned to her home, woke her friend and follow him to his room at his home. After that, she asked him to relax and try to sleep again and placed her hand on his forehead. After he closed his eyes, she than again give a powerful Reiki healing session to him and sprayed a solution of charged rock salt solution water over him.

After a few more distance Reiki healing sessions through the Reiki Grid, she checked his Aura, which was very comfortable and positive. Yesterday noon, she was walking her way back home from the market, when she was surprised to see him smiling and waving his hands towards her. She was amazed to see him almost perfect and well, with her family. His family greeted her and told her the news that he was almost perfect and he and his family was grateful to her Reiki Healings. They also gave her a good amount of money and blessings as a form of energy exchange for her healings. She just emailed today for her gratitude for the articles here and want us to share it here. We are really out of words to give our thanks to her and you all, who make us feel so much pleased and overwhelmed with joy.

Blessings, love and light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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