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Reiki Healing for better business and finances

By admin | In Reiki Experiments and us | on April 7, 2011

Fellow Energies, we are really thankful for your regular comments and questions on Reiki Healing and how can Reiki help you better. As for your regular support and requirement, we are trying our level best to keep you updated with our articles. We would love to help you to the extent we can and is possible by us, since it is our honor to have you as ours.

We met one of our student Reiki healers this Monday, who was looking a bit depressed and sad. We asked him if everything was okay with him and if he need something to be done for him. On asking he replied that he was scared a bit to say, but since now the situation was bad, he came to us. He said that his business is very low and has been having very bad finances. He wanted to get a job and leave his self business since was unable to pay back his dues.

It was really a sad news for us, since Reiki has helped us a lot in life and to see our student Reiki Healer in pain was really bad. However, we asked him to sit with us and we offered him a glass of Reiki Charged water. We than asked him to close his eyes, so that we can do Samriddhi initiation on him and burn off his blockages. Later, we talked to him regarding how he has been doing Reiki for his business and finances. We asked him to make Cho Ku Rei symbol (since he was a level II student, we had just given first three symbols) on every energy around him. We asked him to draw and visualize it properly in white color.

We must understand that visualizing properly will help us in performing our Healings better and faster with positive results. We asked him to feel the symbol around him and should shower or blow the white light of power symbol on his business, and his home. We also advised him to do the same on all of his seven Chakras and try to rotate it in clockwise direction. We asked him to see the results and come back to us in a week’s time, i.e., next Monday.

However, we got his call on Wednesday that things have started to move and he has got some small, but orders for his business. His confidence and faith on Reiki has improved and he was sure able to see that Reiki Energy was able to burn the blockage in his success and business. We are really grateful and honored to have you all here and to be able to help Energies around us, with your support.

Thank you all dear friends, we love you all.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain

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