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Reiki healing for backache

By admin | In Success Stories | on May 20, 2012

Fellow energies, we are back here, with one more interested Reiki healing done by our fellow Reiki Grand Master Mr Navneet Mathur for his Aunt. We are thankful to you all for liking his earlier healing articles and are grateful of you to write so many love filled emails to us. We appreciate your kind concern to know more about what our fellow energies are busy in and want to join us someway or other and are really pleased to see your enormous response.

It was Navneet’s cousin wedding time, and all the family members were in a happy, party mood. The females were planning to get ready with the music and song cassettes for the dance, as they were going to the ladies dance program at night. One of Navneet’s Aunt was however looking very sad and depressed, which shocked and surprised him. During that party mood and the time of action, it was strange to see anyone with a sad face in agony. When asked the reason, she told him that she was also planning to perform a dance on a song, but in too much excitement of lifting the luggage bag, she just slipped and her back got sprain. Now, she was feeling too much pain in her back and was unable to get up straight and dancing on any song was out of question.

After hearing this whole story and about her pain, Navneet’s mother asked her cousin to lie down and let Navneet do some Reiki healing for her back. Navneet than ask her to lie down, with closed eyes and played a soft music with Aum Chant and burned some incense sticks in the room. He than drew Reiki power symbol Cho Ku Rei on her, and did a lot of Chakra cleaning, and kept visualizing her in white color light. After this, he drew balancing and emotional Reiki symbol Sei Hei Ki and saw it in pink color light, and visualized that she is now all balanced and her back was perfectly normal and have a lot of strength. After this, he made Master Reiki symbol Dai koo Myo in golden color light and filled all of her body with this golden color light.He than also drew Reiki symbols Vasudha and Apta and both of them were visualized in pink / red color light. Finally, he once again drew Reiki power symbol Cho Ku Rei at her Heart Chakra and established Reiki energy at her heart, so as for a continuous flow of Reiki energy in her body.

After this, he disconnected from her and clean his hands which he used for Reiki healing and gave his gratitude to his Reiki teachers, fellow energies, his receiver Aunt and mom. Than he asked his Aunt to open her eyes and get up slowly and to check if she felt any relief in her back pain. She was feeling a lot better and she want to have some more rest, so that she can get up fresh and was able to perform in the dance in evening function. It was really amazing to see her dance on more than three songs and she was dancing much better than she ever did, and was dancing as a competition to her younger sisters or friends.

After the function, she told Navneet that she felt like her body was transformed into some healthy, flexible and much more energetic one. She said that she had never felt so relaxed or charismatic in whole of her life and she just wanted to keep on dancing until she was asked to stop.

When this whole incident was shared by Navneet, we were all pleased and took his permission to publish it on our blog, which he gave it willingly. We are really thankful to him and all of the energies associated in this Reiki healing and also to you all for keeping us on the right track of Reiki.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain

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