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Reiki Healing for Aids

By admin | In Healings, Success Stories | on May 14, 2013

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for accepting and sharing of Reiki articles shared here by us and our fellow Reiki energies. It is our honor to have you all around us so as to have so many positive and helpful energies around us, which are supporting and guiding us in our Reiki journey. Today, we are sharing one of a unique Reiki healing, which we are working on since past sometime. 

This Reiki healing is about a fellow Reiki Master from U.S.A., who was diagnosed with Aids and many organs failure. He came to us through some common friend, and asked us to perform Reiki healing for him, after initialising him in our Reiki grid. We were pleased and shocked at the same time, since this energy was having a lot of blockages, and look like it was going to be another challenge for us. After getting all the details and a photograph from him, we initiated him under our Reiki grid as asked along with the proper intentions as needed. We gave the intentions to him that he is fine and he came to meet us and was singing and dancing with us. 

After sometime, day before yesterday, we got a nice message from him that he was able to feel less pain in his feet and walked a bit. He was feeling much more energetic and he ate much better, with a slight better digestion. I can understand that this could be a very little improvement for some, but for us, it was a remarkable achievement for us, as the condition he stated to us, and this current small improvement was a good one, showing us that we are working in the correct direction.

We have done replacement of organs like Heart, Liver, Kidneys, Gall Bladder and even his sex organs using Psychic Surgery , since we were told that they all had some or other blockage. During the whole time, we are trying to shower him with white, pink, golden and violet light. We are trying to give him a rainbow shower, so that his all the Chakras are working fine and are active as desired. We used almost all the Reiki symbols with the intention of seeing him fit and fine. His few words are as under for sharing with you: 

Update…several nights ago, intense leg pain and leg cramps…almost could not walk…felt as if something was moving inside m leg…quite painful….still getting up at 530AM, sleep at 11PM….constantly hungry…I eat and 2 hours later I am hungry again…..walking feels lighter….almost no limp I had become accustomed to from the right-side stroke….feel physically lighter…using 1 tablespoon Ormus daily…..organizing and cleaning my home….like I am seeing it or the 1st time.


We have also kept a lot of rock salt and Reiki charged crystals around his grid, so that he is protected from any kind of new blockage, plus he heals faster. This has been a slow but a good progress for our fellow energies for sure, and we are sure to see some more progress in coming time. We are grateful to him and you all for accepting Reiki healing energy as for burning the blockages and faster healing. We are also thankful to our Reiki teachers for teaching and guiding us towards a blockage free life.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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