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Reiki Healing for acidity

By admin | In Success Stories | on March 7, 2011

Reiki Healing for acidity

Fellow Energies, we have been grateful to you all for your comments and good wishes as always for the articles written here. We are trying to write almost all kind of healings we do here, so that almost all the energies can get benefit and share it with others. We know that it is tough for all Reiki healers to do every Reiki Healing on their own, so we are sharing them here, so that they can also work on their own.

We always have been working on Reiki Healings of various energies and different issues, so will try to update you with almost all we can. Some days back, one of our friend came to us with a bad stomach ache. He had been suffering from acidity and bad backache, so was looking for some permanent solution to it. He had tried many medicines and alternative solutions, but all were for a temporary phase, since the pain keep coming back.

He had came to us with a lot of hope and want to get a relief eternally so that he is free from pain and a everyday dose of medicine. It was indeed sad to see one of our friend in distress and pain, when we could do a lot. After a long discussion with him, we came to know a lot of mistakes he was making in his life.

When we asked, he gave us his eating, sleeping habits, which were bad already and the reason for his spoiled stomach. He had been drinking very little of fluids and heavy and fatty foods at dinner and was avoiding any kind of walking or workouts. On talking, he simply said that he had a busy schedule and love junk food and was consuming during odd hours only.

We than asked him to change his routine diet and habits. We advised him to go for more of fresh fruits,vegetables and lots of water. We also asked him to go for some general morning walk and light work outs so as to burn the extra fats which were collated in his body. We also did a small Reiki Healing session for his Solar Plexus Chakra and Sacral Chakra. We advised him to keep some orange or yellow color cloth piece around his abdomen so that his both Chakras are fully functional.

We finally asked him to drink a glass of hot water before going to bed at night and maintain a gap of 2 hours before going to sleep and dinner. Also in case of acidity or gastric pain, he should drink a glass of hot water, as hot as he can consume easily.

With these small Reiki energy filled general advices and Reiki Healing, he is a lot better now. His pains are a past thing now and he is now happy with a better health.

We are thankful to you all and our Reiki teachers and our friends, who gave us this opportunity to heal.

Love and Light to you and yours.


Vineet Jain


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