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Reiki healing for a verbally abusive boss

By admin | In Success Stories, Testimonial | on August 13, 2012
Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for sharing your kind experiments, as done by you and also the Reiki healings done by you with us. We have been trying and sharing your all the articles here, using your words, as you send, however we do some small corrections, so as to make our readers understand clearly. We also try to hide the identity of our fellow Reiki practitioners or receivers, as we are asked to. 
Today, we are sharing this article, as emailed this evening by our fellow Reiki practitioner from Romania, who has been very much of help to us. She has been supportive when we get confused in terms of writing article here, by giving us suggestions and what we could write. We request you all to try to understand the article below and do keep sending us your emails, and valuable articles, which will just help us and fellow energies.
Good afternoon,
Namaste guruji,
Today this morning I had to go to work and meet my fellow boss or colleague as my say but he was in the worse mood possible. He begin to be aggressive in his words,he began to put voices,in one word nothing was good. I could not work in his presence because with his mood could change my mood too. As you know I asked you what to do when some bad aggressive person makes my life miserable. It was not my fault.He came like that with bad mood and continued in my presence. You said I have to shower him with the symbols Cho-Ku-Rei, Sei-Hei Ki and Dai-Koo Myo in their right color, I mean white,pink and golden respectively. Also you told me to shower on him golden light. I did but for the moment nothing happened. He went and after a while he called on phone in the same bad mood. You told me also after that to make Chakra cleaning for me and do healing again. I did as u told me. All the Chakra does not matter with which one I begin in the way of car glasses cleaning. Well I also send white and golden light in me through Chakras and tried to make the light enter in all my body parts as in to cell. Other steps I did for some minutes. This one I did only once.After that i had to go to work again.Nothing happened.Later after 2 or maximum 3 hours from the moment I finished this process of Reiki healing, cleansing, showering I had to call him on phone. This time other situation. Boss talked calm nice educated. He justified and in a way apologized all his behavior,Completely a different and opposite situation.
What I dont know is why I need some time space until things take place. The same thing happens to me when I do traffic cleaning. I am not a good driver and when I drive I need a good traffic. For this too I hve to do everything 2-3 hours before I need the empty road.
For all the teaching and for all that help I have to be grateful to Mr. Vineet Jain all my life and I really am.
Thank you Mr Jain ,Thank you Mr and Miss Sharma who taught Mr Jain so that he can teach me now and first of all Thank you God that you brought me together with these peoples and that you allowed for me  today all the knowledge and all the help I received from them.
Always Grateful To God, guides and my Masters
Friends, we are really pleased and grateful to her and you all for sharing your experiences and Reiki healings with us. We are grateful to you all for sharing and reading our articles here.
Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.
Vineet Jain

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