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Reiki healing for a prolonged disease

By admin | In Healings | on October 4, 2012

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your kind requests and Reiki blessings filled emails to us and Reiki energies in our Reiki center. All of us are pleased to have you all around us and pray for your happy, love filled life. We all are doing our best to give the best of results and keep updating our blog with some more fresh articles as are needed by you all. We know that these articles as written by us are chocolate for some and a different dessert for some other, while some of you are used to read our articles with your morning cup or tea.

We are happy to see these kind and love filled comments as send by you all and will always be thankful and grateful to Reiki energy, our Reiki teachersand our fellow Reiki Masters along with our Reiki students, who are spread globally. Some of our readers have asked us for why do some kids or adults have health blockages, which take too much of time to heal. There are some, who keep on getting ill on regular intervals, or some get frequent accidents or road mishaps, so they are confused on why do this happen. There must be some reason, and even when some consult any astrologer, they were unable to find any blockage.

After a lot of understanding and discussions, we found out one thing in common with all of these children and adults. This was that all of them were missing the proper love and attention of both of their parents and one of their parent was missing the other partner a lot. This means that there was some feeling of missing and vacant space in the heart of our receiver, which needed to be filled too. So, this time, we understood two important things in for such cases of prolonged or regular blockages, and that is the receiver is missing love from one of their parents and the other is that we need to work on their Heart Chakra more, so as to give a complete healing. This healing to their Heart Chakra may be needed to be given on for a longer duration, since we feel that their is a huge vacant space, and it must be filled using Reiki Master symbol Dai Koo Myo and we should visualize this in Golden color, while doing so. We are currently working on about three of similar cases, and after understanding this issue and working this way, we are getting better results now. We are sure that if you also work this way, you all will also get some better results in your reiki healings. One more thing I would like to share in this healing is that we must always use Sei Hei Ki in such healings, since emotional blockage is easily burned using this balancing Reiki symbol.

We are thankful to you all for sharing your kind information and suggestions. Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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