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Reiki Healing for a pleasant weather

By admin | In Success Stories | on June 9, 2011

Reiki Healing for a pleasant weather

Fellow Energies, first of all, I must apologize with you all for being unable to write any article last night. Actually, we had been working and discussing a lot about our incomplete Reiki healings and how to move for them was in our mind, so we avoid to write with a stressed mind. Today morning, we had to go to our Farm Land Registry at District Alwar, near Sariska Tiger century, as it needed me and my wife. I went there with my wife Priyanka, my cousin brother in law, cousin sister and their lovely school going boy of about 12. On the way I was performing distance Reiki healing for the receivers on our Reiki Grid and others, who needed normal Reiki Healing. It was a normal thing for me, but it seemed like something strange for my nephew, who was staring at me during all of my Reiki Healing.

He and his mother (my sister) asked me if I had seen something really happening like if magic or virtually impossible, that I could show them. I was smiling, as I know that it is really difficult to show the Reiki Light to all, same as all are able to feel the Sunlight, but are unable to see it. Well, I was here going to just tell them about the Light, which we all know as Reiki, and want to avoid them on impressing with any such thing.

It is 9th of June 2011 and it is scorching hot summer season as in Delhi, India and most of us are aware of this time’s climate in Rajasthan. He asked me if I can do some Reiki for the climate and it could help to rain in that hot weather. It was rather a difficult request, but it seem like Reiki Energy had some different plans for me this day. I accepted his request, but also told him that Reiki Healing will work for sure, although it might help to rain for some short time.

I made Reiki symbols and paid my gratitude to Reiki Energy and my teachers for their continuous support and help till than. I also prayed to let it rain for sometime, just for my nephew and let him see some Reiki Energy, and help his trust and faith on Reiki to continue. I made Reiki symbols Power symbol Cho Ku Rei, Balancing symbol Sei Hei Ki, Master symbol Dai Ko Myo and recalling symbol Udreka. Finally, I established the energy in sky with the Power Symbol Cho Ku Rei, for a continuous flow of energy in clouds.

After sometime, the Sun, which was too hot, seem to be having clouds around it and the breeze seem to be flowing slightly cooler. However, the Sun keeps coming off and on, making him and his parents confused but still unable to believe that it will Rain in this month of June. After about three hours of clouds play, it seem like Reiki Energy started working for us as was expected. It started drizzling a bit and for some five minutes, it rained, giving small smile on our faces.

I knew that it was just a simple Reiki Healing, done similarly by other Reiki Masters too, from almost all parts of the world, but still helped me building their faith on Reiki. Thanks to you all and thanks to Reiki Energy too, for your shower of love and light on me and energies around me.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain


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