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Reiki healing for a heart patient with pacemaker

By admin | In Healings | on November 25, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for helping in understanding different things, which we have been missing or have just skipped to concentrate or focus in life. We are trying to understand that Reiki healing energy can be used every where, and we are just like a drop in this ocean, but with your help and support, there will be many similar drops, making difference. Whenever we are asked from our fellow energies here in India or from abroad that where do we count our growth rate, we just feel like we have to work a lot still. We still are working on a very slow rate, and we have to first make our base a bit firm, give energy to our roots, and then only we can count on moving ahead. Till now, if we are unable to understand and heal the blockages around us, how can we think about more.

We were asked about on how should a healing be done to any energy, having a weak heart, who was using a Pacemaker. Since the machine was there, we were advised by our teachers to use Reiki symbols, which were light, and have to avoid any kind of power or powerful symbol, as it may malfunction the pacemaker. So when we were asked, I was having that similar intention only and recommended our friendly Reiki healer to use Reiki symbols as Sei Hei Ki, Vasudha, and Zonar.

However, today, while I was thinking about it again, I had something troubling my mind, so I found some new different things, which I had missed. I still remember that she was telling me that the person was having some issue and blockage in pacemaker, so it strike my mind that we can do Reiki healing for the pacemaker to work better. Therefore, today when we were talking, I asked her to do Reiki healing for the pacemaker too, using Power Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei, balancing Reiki symbol Sei Hei Ki and Master Reiki symbol Dai Koo Myo. Since we knew that at Heart Chakra, it was wrong to draw too powerful symbols or give any strong affirmations, that too when it was weak, but we can do the same for this mechanical energy to work better.

Therefore, we can use good and stronger affirmations to the pacemaker, making it work better and once the person was able to consult his physician, he will be all okay. I still feel sorry and bad as I just had forgotten for suggesting as to give Reiki to the pacemaker too. Today, after realizing and accepting my mistake, I feel so light and a, sure that this will be able to help and heal her receiver. I apologize for my forgetful and ignorant mind, but am so thankful for her, as she forgave me and cheered me for helping her.

I am thankful to my Reiki teachers, all of my fellow energies, you all and everyone who is in my contact directly or indirectly. My sincere regards to you all for accepting me in your life and letting me share all I can about Reiki.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all with yours.

Vineet Jain


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