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Reiki Healing for a happy relationship

By admin | In Success Stories | on April 26, 2012

Fellow energies, it has been a long time, we started teaching Reiki and we still feel as if we began it just today, as for every day, we learn something new. This is really our honor to have a great Reiki teacher as in Mr Narendar Bharadwaj, who taught us many new things about Reiki, and helped in revealing some more. He has been one of our source of inspiration, as his method of teaching Reiki in a friendly way, changed our all the philosophy about Reiki healing and Reiki teaching. He taught us to be practical and be honest, sincere towards our aim, and Reiki will help us to get it for sure. This and many other things keep on whisper our mind and heart, whenever we think of Reiki, and a normal feeling of gratitude comes from our heart, which just want to thank him. We also try to keep giving some small gifts for himself or his family, as for our gratitude as we know that this is what we must do, in order to give our thanks and show ourselves being grateful to him.

Today evening, we are going to share one more successful Reiki healing done for a personal relationship for our friend. We came to know about it from his brother in law as he was in dilemma and stressed due to it. He and his wife were thinking and planning to go ahead for a separation, making things worse in their family and personal life as well. We were given the photographs and birth details of both, I mean his wife and his own to be placed into our Reiki Grid. We than arranged a Milan Reiki grid for them, and established it, connected it with our huge Reiki grid so as to give as much of Reiki energy that could be given.

We than visualized the couple having a happy time in any social gathering and enjoying with other family members. We saw them singing, dancing and partying in a jolly mood, without any stress and also saw that the relationship was perfect. After two sessions of Reiki grid cycle of 21 days each, we were asked to stop, since the relationship have started improving. After that, today is about a month now, when we got a good news from their brother in law, who came to us for their healing. His wife spoke to us, as she seem to be very much excited to tell and share the good news (since it was her brother) and was really sounding happy. She told us that yesterday night, they went to some social gathering, where her brother was invited with his wife as well. There, they met them who were looking pleased, happy and like enjoying life with love and without any stress. Their face was looking shining and was just as if they were a newly married couple as was seen from distance. The relationship seem to have improved a lot and her family was happy too to see them present in that family gathering and enjoying.

  After hearing this, I was out of words to say to him or else, but was really excited to hear it for sure, so tried to be silent for sometime, than after sometime, shared with our fellow Reiki Masters. This was indeed a good news for us all and therefore, after sometime, we called our Reiki teacher, and thanked him for teaching and helping many other fellow energies and clearing blockages, using Reiki healing. We are sure that our this article will help many other Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters as well in healing and burning blockage of any other relationship issue. This will be another gratitude from our side towards Reiki energy and our fellow energies. We are thankful to you all for your continuous love, blessings and Reiki energy which is one of the boosting power for us.

Blessings, love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain



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