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Reiki Healing for a Car with a kaput Starter

By admin | In Success Stories | on September 4, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you for your so much of nice and love filled emails and kind comments. We are thankful to you for suggesting this chatting facility on our blog, which can be used when I am able to be, and can interact with you. I can see that there are many energies, with many doubts, or who need a friendly advice, so we had been working since past three days on this. Finally today, after a day long effort, we were able to implement this Chat module, which  will be able to bring us closer.

It was yesterday, when I was online chatting to one of my Dubai based female friend, who is also our student Reiki healer was telling me about some issues with her car. She told me that there was some problem, which made her car halt on road, while on the way to office. She sounded very much scared as she asked one of the mechanic, who told her that it will be about 2500 AED for the repairs, but since she was already burdened with her monthly dues. She want to discuss on what she could do, and she also told me that she was working harder to get some increment, so that it was easier for her to pay up her dues.

I can sense her trouble and the need of some urgent Reiki healing for her car, so connected to her using Reiki connection symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, and than to her car, again using the same symbol. Than I made Cho Ku Rei, the power Reiki symbol in white color, and tried to purify the blockage in her car. I drew Reiki power symbol Cho Ku Rei on different parts, like engine, carburetor, starter, spark plug, carbon plugs, coolant, air condition, tires and on its body. I felt that I was unable to visualize a proper Cho Ku Rei symbol, when I tried to draw on its starter. However, I again drew Reiki symbol Sei Hei Ki to balance the car engine and starter in the pink color, and then I made Reiki Master symbol Dai koo Myo in golden color. I than showered the whole of car in the golden color, and visualized that it was running on the road and was working fine, as normal running condition. Finally, I established Reiki energy on it’s engine, using Reiki power symbol Cho Ku Rei. I than disconnected with the car and my friend, and then paid gratitude to all of our fellow energies, Reiki energy and our Reiki teachers. I than asked her to start the car and see if it will start, but she said that she tried in the morning, but it was unable to even make a starting voice. On asking, she accepted that the problem was in the car’s starter and it was very much expensive in there. After telling her that I had done some Reiki on her car, and she should try to try to give one more try to start it, she sent one of her colleague to give it a try, since she was working. 

She later told me that the car started without any effort and her friend was asking about the trouble, since he was unable to find any. She sounded excited, as it was working like a normal car, without any trouble so was happy as she was able to save the extra money, which she was trying to save it for other expenditure. When she told me, I was really happy to see her smile and gratitude towards Reiki energy. Since yesterday and today, I was busy in searching this chat application for this blog, so I made up my mind to share it with you all, once I am able to implement it. So today, after the initiation on chat on our blog, I am here, sharing it with you all, so that you can also try the same and use it for your own or your friend’s vehicle.

I am thankful to you all for accepting Reiki in your life. Thanks to you all and yours.


Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.


Vineet Jain


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