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Reiki healing for a broken collar bone

By admin | In Success Stories | on May 17, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your love filled messages and all of your kind support, which has been overwhelming for us. We have been trying to share and update you with all the recent happenings or achievements of our fellow Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters. We have a lot of fellow Reiki Masters from all over the world and are glad to share some of the miracle Reiki Healings done by them.

Today morning, one of our friend cum student and fellow Reiki Master, Navneet Mathur visited us, with a two paper in his hand, smiling. I was slightly confused to see his grin as he was having a good visual graphic designing work, and it was a surprise to see that he was giving something o me in written. He after understanding my thoughts, smiled and told me that he wanted to share one of Reiki Healings, done by him for his sister in law, last February, 2012. He said that he wanted to share it since long, but he wanted to take permission from his receiver (sister in low) before writing it and sharing the healing on this platform.

It was 3rd of Feb 2012, when my sister in law was going to her office in a sharing cab, when it just got turtle down, while taking a deep right turn. It hit on the same side she was sitting and she, along with many others were hit badly, and she was unconscious, the moment she fall. She along with a few others was unable to get up or tell any of her family members by calling them on mobile, since was shaken and speechless. However, after sometime, she regained some strength and called her husband, Navneet’s brother about it and asked him to come, pick and take her to hospital.

In the hospital, she was feeling very much nervous and due to pain, everyone, including the doctors and family members, all think that there was a fracture in her collar bone. She in her low pitch, asked Navneet Mathur to do some Reiki Magic on her, since she want to go and attend her office for some urgent pending work. She also want to avoid any kind of plasters or long time bed rest, as otherwise in case of a fracture, she will have to be on bed for about 2-3 months. Navneet Mathur, than took her photograph from his brother, took their permission and started giving Reiki healing to her. In about 2-3 days of Reiki Healing, her pain was almost gone, but the X Rays were showing that the bone had some major crack, which can only be treated applying the plaster and it will than be taking some 6 week time rest. However, the doctors were relieved to see that her pain were all gone from the day one she came into the hospital, and now, all were looking with a positive eyes at Navneet.

The doctors however asked a time frame of 4-5 more days for another X-Ray before the operation was to be done, since they felt that they have to fit some rod in the bone for a better strength. This again was a bit scary and frightening for their family, but if it has to be done, they just have to accept it. In the back ground, our friend Navneet kept on doing Reiki Psychic surgeries on her broken bone and giving Reiki Healing to her. After this five day barrier, again one more X Ray was taken, showing some progress, but looked like that the surgery has to be performed next morning for sure. She than started crying in the hospital, but since it has to be done, she sadly asked Navneet to try once more with his full of efforts to avoid the surgery, or it will be very difficult to stay on bed for that long.

In the morning, before going in for the surgery, Navneet requested the hospital authorities and the doctors to go for one final X Ray and see if things are improving, and otherwise they were free for the surgery. The doctors were reluctant, but after looking at the emotional scenario, accepted and gave the permission for one more X-Ray. This final X Ray was too much relieving for all the family members, since this new report showed that the bone was seen like fixed at the original position and it looked like that the surgery could be avoided now. She was than applied a small bandage and was given a relief from the hospital, next day. She is now having a normal life, without any kind of bandage or medicine and is really pleased to have Navneet for her help at the time of need.

I am really thankful to you all, Navneet Mathur and all other fellow Reiki Energies for helping us in this spread of Reiki Healing.

Blessings, love and light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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