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Reiki Healing for a bad Knee and calf pain

By admin | In Success Stories | on January 8, 2012

Fellow Energies, we are thankful and grateful to you all for all the emails and messages you are sending us. It is really our pleasure to have your love and the trust which we are getting from you all and that you are able to receive the light sent by us. We are overwhelmed with the good and positive email messages we get at our facebook account and on our mail account everyday. Everyday, we are getting about 10 emails form all over and are trying to share some of them here with you.

One of our fellow Reiki Master from London (United Kingdom) mailed us and told us about the Reiki Healing she did on her receiver. She told us that one of her friend slipped on road and got a sprain in his calf muscle. He was having terrible pain and it looked like he had a minor fracture or else. It was making him unable to walk, making him take an off from his job, which was a trouble for him. Since he was on a contract job, any absence could mean that he will be asked to leave the job and than will have to look for another job. She asked him to lie down and relax, and take a glass of hot water in his right hand and keep the telephone conversation on. She than connected with her friend, than with the glass filled with hot water. She than did proper Reiki healing to the friend, water using all the Reiki symbols such as Cho Ku Rei, Sei Hei Ki, Dai Ko Myo, Zonar, Apta and Vasudha. She felt that there was a twist in the cramp and seem like it needed a replacement, so she also did a Psychic surgery on for his calf.

Than she asked her friend to drink that energized water and try to take a small nap, since the Reiki energy in the water will be making him sleepy. He also felt that he was sleepy and immediately, he slept for about 2 hours. Instead of a nap, he took a siesta and the purpose of Reiki healing session was solved.

When he got up, he was feeling a lot fresh and had almost forgot about his pain in his calf, and when he realized, it was too late. He was on his way to his office, driving his car and have to stop the car for thanking his Reiki Master friend. He called her and thanked her for the Reiki healing she did and helped him join his office again.

Our Fellow Reiki Master Jay Shree (name changed) was excited with the news and emailed us for thanking us for the article we wrote here about how to use Reiki symbols. She was very much happy with her success in the Reiki healing and wanted to share it with us all and our this website.

We are also happy and grateful for her and you all for sharing this article and Reiki energy over here.

Thank you dear friend, thank you for sharing your Reiki healing and thank you all energies here.

Blessings, Love and light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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