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Reiki Healing for a bad backache

By admin | In Success Stories | on August 16, 2011

Reiki Healing for a bad backache

Fellow energies, we are thankful and grateful to you all for your kind and generous emails with your blessings and nice comments for the Reiki Healings we do and the articles we share here. Since the day we started writing here, we always wanted to share almost everything we learn with our personal experiences. As we know that most of us want to learn more and more in this life, but after the day we took into Reiki trainings, we realized one thing, that sharing teach us more. Therefore, we try to share everything we learn with our personal experiences and Reiki Healings in everyday life. 

With every other day that passes by, we are able to learn and share more, helping us to learn and share more with you all here. Today noon, we got a friend’s call that her mother was having too deep backache and was unable to get up from bed. She was lying down, when she cried and shouted on our friend, since she was unable to get up because of pain in her back. We asked her to be calm and give comfort to her mother. We than asked her to tell her mother to close her eyes and keep lying down for sometime, till asked to open eyes. We than asked our friend to do as directed by us, and since she had seen us performing Touch Reiki Healing, she was ready to accept. We Charged her both of hands using Reiki Power symbol Cho Ku Rei and Reiki Master Symbol Dai Ko Myo, and balancing Reiki symbol Sei Hei Ki as well. We also charged her using Reiki symbols Apta and Vasudha, so that the energy travel faster and with greater pace.

We than ask her to put her both hands slowly on her mother’s back, where she was feeling pain, and we also asked her to place on her whole spinal cord. We also asked her to place on her shoulders and elbow, since we could sense them weak too. We asked her to keep her hands on the parts, for about 5 minutes at one part, and remove one hand at a time. After she was done with all, we asked her to place her hands on her mother’s heart, so that the energy was locked, sealed and established. Finally, we ask her to pay her gratitude to Reiki energy. After sometime, she told us that her mother got up slowly and seemed to forgot her all pain and was like all pain was gone. She thanked all the Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters and send us all a BIG pack of sweets for curing her, as a form of energy exchange.

Thanks to you all and thank you dear friend. We are thankful for your mother for being a good receiver to us and Reiki Energy.

Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain

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