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Reiki healing for a baby in womb

By admin | In Healings, Success Stories | on April 14, 2014

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your kind acceptance to Reiki healing energy in your life, and to help us in the spread. We are thankful to our Reiki teachers and you all, for guiding us and showing us different new ways in Reiki healings. I know, that sometimes, we have to act which we have never learned anywhere, but it is time and situations, which guide.

Today was such a great day for us, which made us learned and share our awesome experience with you all. It was indeed a great day for me, as I was to meet three different energies, for discussion and Reiki healing. I will be sharing with you about this unique Reiki healing for the womb baby, which we worked on today. A couple came to our Reiki centre Reiki Energy Healers at about 14:00, when I was about to have my lunch. After talking about it, we delayed our lunch, as the discussion and healing was important at that particular time. 

The guy told us that his wife was three month pregnant, and they were excited about their new one. However, were also sounding sad and heavy, and later told us that the baby was moving very little, and doctors had advised them to go for abortion. This was really a shock for me, as the female was looking healthy to us, and there should be nothing to bother. However, I asked for their ultra sound test reports, so as to check the baby’s status.

It was strange to see the fact that baby was lying on one particular corner, during all the two test reports, taken on different day. This was alarming for me, as how could a baby be always sticked to one particular corner, as I learned that baby keep on moving inside the womb. I had now to read the report more clearly, with a much broader view. I was shocked to see and realise that there must be some reason, for which the baby was on the corner, every time the test was done. I then asked for who was with the mother during the tests, and that give more of evidence to my thoughts. The guy was with his wife, all the time, so I had to confront if they both were having any kind of verbal confrontations. They both denied at first, but after asking many things, they finally broke up and accepted it. 

The guy and his wife shout at times, and I felt like this shouting made the baby scared and he went on to the corners, so as to protect himself, as we all do. During the tests too, as he felt that they both were together, he cling to the corner again. This was one of the reason that the baby was very slow in growth, as most of the time, there was a feeling of fear and lack of love, confidence of life.

I made them both talk to the baby, apologise for their doings in past and be loving from that time onwards. I asked them to be more loving, understanding and committed to each other, as they should be. I also did a small Reiki healing session to both baby and mother, and advised the guy to keep on working on his wife and baby. You all will be pleased to know that tonight at about 20:00, I got a call from the guy that his wife felt that the baby is moving, and like he is happy. She have started feeling it moving all the time when her husband is close to her, and talking with full of love. They both had been talking to the baby, like he is out and have promised to completely stop any verbal fights for ever.

I am feeling very light and relaxed while sharing this healing experience with you all, since this is my first of a kind healing. I hope you all will also understand the reason of sharing this healing with you all, and you will also be helping your fellow energies the same way.

Reiki blessings, love, light to you all and yours

Vineet Jain


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