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Reiki healing energy for attraction

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on January 18, 2013

Fellow energies, we are grateful for all of your queries and suggestions, for which we are highly obliged and overwhelmed. We are working on all of your unsolved queries and will get back to you with the relevant replies, once we feel are done. Sometimes it takes a day to think and reply, while at times, it may take several weeks to find any solution. Please see that you should stay confident on us and have trust on us, as we may reply late, but we will be sharing the reply in the form of our article here some or the other day.

Today also, we are sharing another such reply, which took a long time for finding an answer, so writing it down here after about a period of four months. We were asked about how to attract any person, w/o giving Reiki healing, as for the transfer of Reiki energy, we need to take permission and there has to be energy exchange. Due to these parameters, many of you asked us on how to attract or give healing to the person, whom we are unable to make a receiver.

After a lot of discussions, we reached to a understanding that two energies attract if there is a proper polarity and positive thoughts for their target. If someone want to attract any other person, they need to cleanse all of their Chakra blockages and negativity from their physical and mental body. For this, they need to perform a daily cleanse and charge of their 24 body parts (or whole body) using their Reiki charged hands. They can also do a distance Reiki healing for self, but as per our personal views, self touch healing will be better than distance, since it is easy and much more powerful way for self cleansing. This can be done using all the Reiki symbols we are attuned or can remember while the session.

Now for the other energy (person), we need to draw Reiki symbol Sei Hei Ki, Apta or Rama as we are attuned on Heart Chakra. These Reiki symbols are soft energy symbols and help in balancing the other energy, and this is the reason that they are used for best results in relationship healing too. Since the energy exchange is difficult with this unknown energy, we need to do same on sky or universe, for helping us in the process. This will be sort of your energy exchange as whatever you give to this universe, comes back to you.

Once you get your desired wish fulfilled, you are advised to give thanks to the universe and give some Reiki healing to the universe and all the energies which helped you. This will help you in the continuous relationship with the universe and your ongoing Reiki life. We know that we are able to do same using the law of attraction too, but we can just enhance it using Reiki energy healing too. We are thankful to our fellow Reiki Master from Ukraine, who helped us in this finding, as she did some successful experiment and told us the conclusion. We are also grateful to you all for your blessings and support.

Reiki blessings, love and light to you all and yours

Vineet Jain


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