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Reiki healing done for relationship in Romania

By admin | In Healings, Success Stories | on October 23, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for accepting and sharing articles shared by us. We are always trying to update this website / blog with new and useful articles, just in order to perform energy exchange with Reiki energy and to burn blockages of energies globally. We are also thankful to you all for accepting and sending your gratitude to us in terms of your emails, comments or monetary support to us here. Since these days, I am in UAE for my business promotion, I am unable to update articles easily due to lack of time, but am thankful to our fellow energies, who are sending us their articles for sharing here.

Today, we are sharing a great article as sent by our fellow Reiki Master Gabriela from Romania, who is working her way to burn blockages, that are coming in her or other lives. She is about to tell her, the way she helped her friend Anna in making her life better and full of love.

Hello Master Vineet


Well as you know my friend Anna has a problem with her relationship and personal life. Well I told her that sometimes a relationship takes time to develop but if her heart say that the relationship should be there, then she herself and I will help her using Reiki energy. Well in the beginning I told her to use prayers to God and Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ because she is a Christian and that if she is meant to be with someone she should see it and make him come to her. She should remember Saint Antony too in her prayers. After doing the prayers she should try to forget everything and think positive again to that until the next prayer. For helping her against evil I suggested her to use rock salt and camphor also when she is praying but rock salt should be with her all the time, so that any kind of negative thoughts are away from her. She bought a rose crystal a cluster to keep with her during her prayers. I told her it is good, and she can have some pendant or something similar, which she should wear all the time also when she goes out. Sure that cluster and the pendant should be used after being purified and energized with the intentions. As I saw intentions should be made very carefully, because Universe gives what we ask also if it is taking sometime. or it is in some days time. However, the crystal should be purified quiet every time after someone goes out and come back home, so as to keep charged and active. From my part I do a kind of healing twice a day. I began first by saying thanks to our superiors beginning with God and asking for help to heal her and then by showering her with a white light in which I wrote the Cho Ku Rei symbol.Then I showered with pink light where it was the Sei Hei Ki and at the end were the Raku symbol and the Dai Koo Myo symbol in golden light. That was for outside her body. For inside the same thing but with OSI energy ball. I mean the ball of the 3 colours with symbols blasted inside her. That was all done in order to give healing to her. The Sei Hei Ki symbol was used more on her, because that is for emotional support and balancing her and balancing her relationships with males.

After giving Reiki energy her now as I know that she was looking for getting someone in her life I said to her to visualize how she would like to be the future next love. That was just because she understood at the end that her ex lover might never come back in to her life. We tried with him too but it was too much negativity between them and I really was confused to understand the reason or know why it happened. She is a good painter so she made a drawing for her. Then I made the same for the image in the drawing image as for her. I visualized it in 3D (three dimensional). The symbol most used was Sei Hei Li between her and the image. I avoided other Reiki symbols but this one was to be insisted on.

All that process was done with proper affirmations that I felt were good for her at the beginning of the process and that I checked up with the dowser. I was very attentive to use only positive words without using any kind of words like ‘no’ and ‘not’. After finishing I made a protection for her and the presumptive guy in the golden ball I payed gratitude to God and all others included here my first teacher and Master Vineet and I disconnected.T hat is what I do everyday for her after my own healing Exchange energy now there was little to be done, but in time she will give more then I gave her. What I would like to add is that all I do prayers healing affirmations or what ever when they r finished r finished and I don’t think everyday to them.I understood that it is more useful like this. One last word I want to say that after working for my friend Anna she got a big number of dating offers and all were similar to what she wanted. Only now she don’t know who to choose and if she will make the right choose. So some corrections are still needed for her but we continue working.

We salute to you Ms Diana Gabriela for this article and your positive spirit to keep working and helping your fellow energies. We are sure that in sometime, your friend Anna will have some good relationship and her blockages will be burnt.We will however suggest you to use Reiki symbols Apta and Vasudha in your Reiki healings for your relationship healings. We are grateful to Reiki energy, Mikao Usui, our Reiki teachers and our fellow energies.

Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain




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