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Reiki Healing done for loose motions

By admin | In Success Stories | on January 7, 2012

Fellow Energies, we are thankful to you all for your love filled kind requests, and we are happy to give you our best of information available. It is really good to see that you are getting the positive results as were desired in the Reiki Healing done by you as per the methods given here.

Sometime back, we had written an article on how to control loose motions and how to help the person, who gets weak or have other issue due to lack of liquid in body. Last mid night, I got a call from our fellow student Reiki Healer who asked me to give Reiki Healing to his wife for loose motions. The time was about 3Am, and I was in my full sleep, and completely unconscious. I was unable to think or act much, since during that time, I was totally out of my mind. It was the time, when I was just dreaming of Reiki workshops and business establishment in the United States. I however, talked and confirmed him that I will be doing Reiki Healing in sometime.

Looking at the immediate need of the situation, I got up and got alert, into for Reiki Healing. Incidentally, we went to his home a day before and had a cup of tea from her, so were already grateful to her. So, I was having her face in my mind, so I started giving Reiki healing to her. I first of all, thanked my Reiki teachers, Reiki energy and fellow energy for giving me such a noble opportunity. I also thanked my friend and fellow Reiki energy to have such a faith and reliability on me to help him and his wife.

I than relaxed, connected myself to Reiki Energy, invoked in on to me, and felt it on and in every part of my body. Than I connected with her, cleared her Aura, balanced her and charged her with Reiki Master symbol. I found out that her Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra were weak, so I gave them both some more energy. After this, I gave her Vasudha Reiki symbol, Apta Reiki symbol and  Zonar Reiki symbol too. After all these Reiki symbols, I also gave her the energy of Tibetan Master Reiki symbol, visualizing that it is going to protect her from any kind of weakness.

As always, I established Cho Ku Rei the white colored Reiki power symbol at her Heart Chakra. I than disconnected, clean my hands and gave my gratitude to all I was able to think of. In the morning at about 10:30AM, I called my friend to ask if she was okay, and he made me relaxed. He told me that normally, after the motions, she get low blood pressure and have to be rushed to any nearest clinic, but this time, she was okay. She was feeling weak, but still after 4-5 motions, her health was in control and she than lie down and got asleep till morning.

It was really a good news for me and all of our fellow Reiki Energies here at Reiki Energy Healers. I am sure that this article will be helping in boosting your moral in Reiki Healings as well. This is the purpose of sharing our all articles in here.

Thank you dear friend, thank you Bhabhi ji, thank you all.

Blessings, Love and Light to you and yours.


Vineet Jain

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