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Reiki Healing done for Kidney stones

By admin | In Success Stories | on March 4, 2011

Reiki Healing done for Kidney stones

Fellow Energies, as you have been sharing the Reiki healings done by you and the healings you want to know and learn, we are just following one another for you. Some of the energies are having the stone in their kidney, causing a bad stomach ache or a deep backache giving a lot of trouble. This pain till it is diagnosed and identified is really a stress for the person and family. Since there could be even a small stone in kidney, the pain could be a lot and it is very difficult to find the culprit.

Similar issue happened with one of our friend here and was having deep pain in his back and abdomen for sometime. We had done kineseology on him and asked him that he must have a stone in his kidney, since we were able to see some blockage in it. Our dowsers were moving anti clock wise when taken in front of his right kidney. He went for his ultrasound examinations about two times, but there was nothing that could be of any use by doctors or him. However, since he was our friend, we asked him to call us for distance Reiki healing at the time of pain, since the pain normally stay for over 2-4 hours.

Whenever he called us for the healing, he was always feeling a relief, but since we were unable to know the cause, we were just relieving his intestines. But after our 2-3 attempts of Reiki healing, we again asked him to go for the ultrasound test, since it might show after the cleansing by Reiki Energy.

Next day morning, we got the news that this time it was identified as a stone in his right kidney of about 9.4mm. This was definitely a bad but a good news in disguise. We had been trying to find out the culprit and now it was there caught this time, and now we can do the Reiki Healing for his Right kidney. In about 4-5 attempts of Reiki Healing for his kidney stone, he is feeling a lot better and we do feel that his stone is now out of his kidney. Now, he is happy and confident too, since he is now free from pains. His abdomen and backache are old news now and he is working better.

Now we are asking him to go for another scanning done next week and are sure that the doctors will too be amazed to see the stone gone. We do wish that if there is a stone in either of your or your friend’s kidney, Gall bladder it is better to get removed by Reiki before going for any kind of surgery. It is my personal belief that it will be better for you to go for Reiki Healing since your body will be free of any kind of cuts or stitches with the help of Reiki Healing.

Thank you all for sharing.

Love and Light to you and yours


Vineet Jain

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