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Reiki Healing done for bad cough for a baby female child

By admin | In Success Stories | on November 18, 2011

Fellow Energies, we are really very happy to see the receivers around us and that we are able to spread Reiki Energy. This is just all depending upon a receiver that the Reiki Energy is traveling with such momentum everywhere, and we are really pleased to see it spreading.

Last Night, we got a call from our friend and receiver Ms Shilpa from a hill station in India, since her daughter was having a very bad cough from last 10 days. She told us that she had tried several medicines and therapies, but seem like all were able to treat just for sometime. She said that she was a bit shy and confused to ask us for her Reiki healing, since she was unable to do any energy exchange for past sometime but now, it was sort of big issue. We first of all asked her to be calm, relax and tried to talk to her daughter Nikita, who was a very sharp little girl like her mother. We tried to talk to her and collect all the data from her vibes, what we could, since it will be helping us in her Reiki healing.

We than asked our friend and receiver Ms Shilpa to place her hands over heart Throat Chakra for sometime, and finally at her heart. This time, we visualized and gave Reiki Energy to her (Shilpa’s) palms and cleared all the blockages from her Crown chakra to Base Chakra. Finally, we established Reiki Energy at her daughter’s Heart Chakra, taking help of our friend only. After sometime, we advised her to take a glass of hot or warm water, so that the Reiki Cleansing process may keep working.

In the morning, we got a call from her again telling us that her daughter slept very well, and in the morning too, her cough was fine. Since she had been skipping her school due to cough, now she was able to attend her school again and was looking fine and in perfect shape.

This news was indeed a good news for us all here, so we intended to share it with you all here. We are sure that after reading this article, you all will be able to understand that at times, we all are having some or other such conditions, where we are all helpless and just follow our emotions.

Thanks Ms Shilpa, Thanks to our Reiki Teachers, Thanks to Our Fellow Reiki Grand Masters and our receivers for helping us in spreading Reiki Energy. Thanks to you all for accepting our Reiki articles and sharing them with your fellow energies.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain

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