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Reiki Healing done for Air conditioner

By admin | In Success Stories | on September 15, 2011

Reiki Healing done for Air conditioner

Fellow energies, first of all, I must apologize to you all for the delay in new and fresh articles for past some days. Than I must ask your apology for if I myself, or the articles here have someway knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally, hurt you by our words, actions etc. I am asking you all to please kindly excuse me for any hurt done to you and request you all to please accept my sincere apology.

Yesterday evening, our fellow Reiki Grand Master told us an interesting story about his student’s Reiki healing done, so we are sharing it here. He recently taught Reiki, level 1 and 2 to a female Tarot Card Reader from Gurgaon, India. After 3-4 days of learning Reiki, she was confused on how to check and perform Reiki healings. Since as per our believe and teachings, Energy exchange and gratitude is a must for a good Reiki healing, it was difficult to find a good receiver for her. Since she was just new into Reiki Healing, she find it difficult to make others believe that she is also able to help in clearing blockages and healing other energies.

Last Monday, her Air conditioner made an alarming sound and shut off with a big jerk and it shook everyone in the house. She herself and her whole family was in shock and unable to understand what happened. Her husband that got up of the bed and checked if everything was fit and fine and in order. He checked all the electric appliances working and other things present at home to check all in order. After all the check up, they realized that they had a short circuit resulting in some major problem in their Air condition unit, rest all was okay.

They called up for their electrician, but since it was night time, he bluntly denied to come and asked to come next day only. Being rainy season here, the humidity is enormous, and this makes the regular user of air conditioners a bit uncomfortable without it. Our student Reiki Healer was also confused and sad for what she should do since her kids were to go to school the next day. She checked every other mechanic she knew, but everyone gave some or the other reason for their inability to come. Her husband finally asked her that it would be great if she tried her Reiki Healings on their Air conditioner, as they all were getting exhausted.

Hearing this, she got up and thanked her husband for reminding of the Reiki Energy she was having and in all this stress, she completely forgot about it. She than sat close to the air conditioner, made Cho Ku Rei on it, cleared all the blockages it may have and than balanced it using Sei Hei Ki Reiki symbol. Than she started performing her Reiki Healing using the power Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei given to her. After about sometime, she locked, sealed and established the Reiki energy at the compressor of AC and finally disconnected. She than cleaned her hands and than paid her gratitude to her Reiki Teacher, family for supporting her and the Hell’s fire for absorbing all the negativity of AC.

After her Reiki Healing, she asked boldly to her husband to switch on the Air Conditioner, since now it was perfect. Her husband looked at her with strange face, but did as was asked. To his and whole family’s amazed to see the magical effect. She called Navneet Mathur to thank for teaching her this miraculous teachings and Reiki energy.

It is really good to share this small but great healing done by one of our student, and we want you to share and use it in your life, if needed.

Thanks to you all and yours.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain

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