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Reiki Healing delay due to personal ego

By admin | In What is Reiki | on December 18, 2010

Reiki Healing delay due to personal ego

Fellow energies, as you all know that we are a group of energies, known as Reiki Healers, Reiki Masters and Reiki Grand Masters, and are trying to do our best so as to heal and be a good human. We here have been trying and working on the issues that make any healing delay or take longer to heal. We are really happy to solve some of such healings, which were taking longer time to heal and creating more blockages and negativity in our receivers.

Most of such problems like ego or self prestige issues are really bad when it comes to heal any bad physical health problem or any personal relationship healing. Frankly speaking, I have been stressed out when the Reiki healings, Psychic surgeries or even healings at the Reiki Grid are having failures. All the members of our Reiki Energy Healers were a bit puzzled and amazed since we were unable to handle simple relationship healings at times.

Later on, we found out that we should be should also work as per the Sun signs of the receiver, which worked for sure on some of the healings, which were taking time. However, there were still some more to focus. This was really getting to our nerves, but we being a Reiki serving energy, were never going to give up.

After some more meditations, discussions and evaluation, we were coming to one new understanding and finding. This came out to be the personal ego and ‘I’ of the receiver. This seemed to be one of the major blockages, which was very tough to be broken by Reiki healing. However, some people give up their ego after some discussions and explanations about Reiki Energy and Reiki workshops. However, some people do not understand any kind of negative or blockage creating culprit in this. In some cases, since the Reiki receiver is not with us, and the other spouse or family come to us for healing, it is difficult for us to clear the blockage. This kind of blockage is at times also seen and found in some of the Reiki healers or Reiki Masters, which is kind of very stiff.

I myself have this kind of blockage and negativity in me at times. I try to meditate and try to burn my negativity and this blockage, so that I am normal again. But this ego and self prestige is really one of the worst kind of blockage that I saw and felt.

It is the duty of ourselves that we must avoid any kind of blockage or negativity in us. We all must keep this ‘I’  away from us, if we need to rise and want to have a love filled never ending happy life. This ‘I’ can ruin all of our life’s happiness and love. We must burn it off to stay happy and away from sadness or loneliness.

Thank you all friends for reading this article and spreading your ray of love and light.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain

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