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Reiki Healing and Gratitude works for all energies around us

By admin | In What is Reiki | on April 18, 2011

Reiki Healing and Gratitude works for all energies around us

Fellow energies, we have been paying our gratitude and thankfulness to you all and other energies around us. As you all must be knowing that in Reiki Healing process there are a few things, that compiles a good Reiki Healing. They are energy exchange, receiver, gratitude. We all have seen that every Reiki Energy Healer always asks for energy exchange and pay gratitude to their teachers and receivers.

However, there are a few examples, which can give you a lot more explanation to the need of gratitude in our lives. We all drink water and most of us use water filters to filter before drinking it. However, if we are unable to use any water filter, we should try to thank water for giving us life and helping in our life. We should also pray it to let all the negative energies settle down in the bottom and let us drink or use fresh water. Trust me, water will be good to drink!!

Next example is to be useful for those who use a shaving razor for shaving. We know that after some usage, the blade edges gets wear out and we need to replace it every often. But at times, we might be out of our stock of blades and need an urgent shave. However, if we pay our gratitude to our razor and blade for their past help and pray them to help us use again, you can use it one more time!!

Trust me, examples will be endless and I can write over and over again here, so it is now up to you all here to try on for yourself and see. The list is really endless, but you will definitely feel good to see what you can do by paying gratitude to energies around you.

Thanks to you all for helping us and in writing these articles.

Love and light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain

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