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Reiki Grand Mastership. Come let us spread love and light to the universe now

By admin | In What do we do | on October 19, 2010

Reiki Grand Mastership. Come let us spread love and light to the universe now

Fellow Masters, let us now once again recall the time and day of our Grand Mastership. It was the time, when we got our Reiki Grand Mastership. Now, we at Reiki Energy Healers (REH) will try to recall that past time, and make your past memories fresh again. We do hope that with these small articles, you will be able to refresh that past time of your bliss. I know it is a Godly feeling and that now we are able to spread much faster and effective healings, and we are now able to create more Reiki Masters. Most of Reiki healers, Advanced healers or Reiki Masters, start calling themselves as Reiki Grand Masters, which I would never recommend.

I think this is all due to some slight negativity or blockage in the practitioner’s mind. If Reiki practitioner is not pure at heart and mind, it will be tough to create good Reiki Masters in future, so I plea to all the Reiki Masters, to be pure with thoughts and doings. It is really good to have some good students doing great healings in future, however, some of the teachers felt bad when their students do better than them. I think that is bad, and must be avoided. We all Reiki Grand Masters have to follow a steep path and have to walk on this rope with fire. It is tough but not impossible for us to stay on this path of truthful and spiritual living. This path of Reiki Grand Mastership never meant that we are not going to have fun in life or ignore earthly matters, We are never going to ignore our business, job, family or personal matters however.

We must just live life normally, without any personal grudges, ego, anger, self pride or else. These all things can create blockages and negativity in us, which stops the flow of energy from our body. It will slow down our Healing or reduce the flow of energy through ourselves to other energy. If we are all blockage free, we will be able to have better Aura and clarity in life.

Ooops I forgot about what we do in the session.

In this session of Reiki Grand Mastership, we call our students after lunch, when they are full of energy and are not having any kind of blockage. Now we in this session, try to open all the layers on secrets of Reiki, one by one. We start with the explanation of Reiki symbols, to Grids, and other Chants. We also tell them the theories behind Attunements and initiations. After this, we teach them how to create new symbols and make new initiations. We also tell the students the importance of initiations at different chakras.

After this, we try to reveal some more Reiki secrets, or else with our past experiences. This helps our Reiki Grand masters in building much more self confidence and help creating more new healers. It helps us spreading much more light and love with ease. We just want our students to be a great healer and do good anywhere they are. We want their lives to be filled with never ending love and happiness. I am sure it will help lighting many lives after us.

Thanks to you my Reiki Teacher Mr. Sharma, Mr Bharadwaj. I bow to you and am grateful towards you for helping me fulfill the promise  took with you. I am sure to spread a lot of light and do all as I am capable of.

Thanks for reading this article of ours.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain

USUI Reiki Grand Master

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